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Can't Get It Up? Lab Tests Required?


Not sure if this is the proper place to ask.

History. Late teens prescribed prednisone and on it for 3 months to combat a mystery illness, which ended up being dermatitis herpetiformis (basically celiac)

Turned 20. Strong erections became weaker became non-existent. No spontaneous erections at all. Around this time prescribed steroid cream to deal with psoriasis. Used up until last year (age 24). Psoriasis remains and flares up for no reason, and dovonex seems to be okay for it. Around the genitals, of course (had many tests done, not an STD)

Currently off of steroids. Still have issues getting it up, and in the rare instance I do, I maintain it for about 4 seconds before it wilts. Cannot get a condom on.

What tests should I tell my doctor to order? Currently I've had Testosterone ordered, which I scored 504 ng/dL. I think I need free testosterone and E2?

I've been dealing with this shit for 5 years now. Up until age 20, I had no problem getting erections, they happened spontaneously, and I fapped every day. I can now go a week or two and no difference. I've gotten rid of porn in my life. I've tried changing my diet many times. Viagra and Cialis have had absolutely no effect.



What about LIBIDO ?
When you look at a fine women,, is it like Wow i'd like to get into that
Or do you see her beautiful like ART ?


My libido is fine, but my body doesn't seem to respond. I always think "Wow, I'd like to get into that" but when it comes down to it, it barely works. In my mid to late teens it wasn't a problem at all. I was always hard without my girlfriend doing much at all. I don't know what changed, but now I can completely finish while not being fully erect.


Do you watch a lot of porn or have marathon beat off sessions? That can mess with erections.


Yeah, I was told that. I no longer watch porn. I used to beat it every day, but I'm currently seeing if no fap will help me. I'm at a week right now.

Addenum: Some days I will get morning wood. As soon as I stand up, its nearly gone. I got TSH tested ages ago and it was normal. When I requested free T3 and T4, I pretty much got ignored. New city, new doctor so I can try again if these might be important.

I am in no way depressed or anxious, as some doctors may suggest.



Plays a huge role in erection strength for some.
It's way more of a factor than test in my situation


I'm going to ask for an E2 test and a free testosterone test. I'll have to see what the lab we order tests through has available because it seems there's some variation.

I forgot to mention that I seem to have developed gynecomastia in my right nipple ~ 2 weeks ago. At least, that's what I'm hoping for. Had it before when I was 18 and it was firm, non-fixed, and didn't weep fluid. Now it's firm, attached, and my nipple leaks serous fluid. If I had high E2, that would explain the gyno.


Get a hormone panel. High prolactin (prolactinoma in your pituitary) could be causing the breast issue as well as the impotence.


AM cortisol [at 8AM please]
fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose

prednisone can be very catabolic, muscle loss, thinned skin, weakened connective tissues, hormone changes. Low T + prednisone induced catabolic action can be a double hit.

Read these stickies:
- advice for new guys
-- note the first paragraph

Need to know your body temperature when you first wake up and mid-afternoon. Have you always used iodized salt? More info in the thyroid basics sticky. Hypothyroidism has many symptoms that are the same as low T.


My total testosterone is alright, but I need those other tests. I never looked for variation in my body temp, but that could be something I check now. I have a thermometer. I've always had low HDL cholesterol with normal LDL. My TSH last I checked was fine. Cortisol I've had three different doctors refuse to test, which pisses me off. I know it's a pricey test as the serum has to be transported frozen (I used to work at a lab).

Last CBC I had done was relatively normal.

-Possibly AM cortisol if I can get it.


"My TSH last I checked was fine"
- really?
Normal TSH range is around 0.5 - 4.5
That is really stupid. Your TSH should be close to 1.0
The TSH lab ranges stupidity is only exceeded by the stupidity of doctors who are OK with a 11:1 range of a vital regulatory hormone.

$39.00 https://www.lef.org/Vitamins-Supplements/Blood-Tests/Blood-Tests
Order your own labs, you need to have a LabCorp draw station nearby, blocked in some US States.


I last got it checked when I noticed I had an intolerance to cold and feet/hands always were cold. I don't remember the value, as the office just went digital and those labs were drawn a while ago. Despite my request, I never got T3 or T4 drawn.

I'll look into that testing site if my doctor doesn't draw the labs I want. There's a station near where I live.


So not surprisingly, the doctor gave me the condescending bs that he doesn't think the tests are necessary. So I guess I'm ordering the tests myself. Problem is, that website says I have to draw the blood myself since I live in NY? Then I have to ship the test tubes or something? Not sure I understand what I'm supposed to do.


Things are PIA in NY, sounds like it can be done. LEF will take your phone call, they are very approachable. They will also review labs with you. I did that once, and they had a doctor on the line and that was zero cost [for a member].

I renewed my membership [5 years] and got a $300 credit for products. Membership also lowers costs of products. In April-May, they also have large savings on blood work. I used to do all of my TRT labs with LEF and took the labs to my TRT doc. Now doc offers the labs a very low cost when pre-paid and do I do that route now.

LEF also has a huge library of past articles from their magazine and many medical condition specific "papers" - available to all. Just pointing out that there are many useful resources there.


I was lucky enough to find a doctor who didn't completely ignore me. He was honest: I don't think I'm completely able to treat you, but I know a doctor in my practice who can. I was referred to an Andrologist, but not without getting some labs first. These values fall within normal ranges, however they look inappropriately on the low end for an adult male of my age (25)

Prolactin. Normal: 4.7 - 23.3 ng/ml Tested: 8.8
Luteinizing Hormone. Normal: 1.7 - 8.6 mU/ml Tested: 2.6
Follicle Stimul Horm. Normal: 1.5 - 12.4 mU/ml Tested: 3.7

I didn't get Estradiol tested, but I feel I'm narrowing in on an actual issue, and not imaging things/losing my mind/whatever the urologist at my last city assumed. It's just amazing when I find an actual doctor who wants to help, rather than one who wants to push me out the door.