Can't Get HCG or HMG Anymore. Taking Enclomiphene for Fertility

been off TRT for about 4 months now and now taking Enclomiphene again. I got bloodwork but somehow I forgot to include LH an FSH. So Ill have to get it soon

The testosterone looks decent. But No idea what my LH or FSH are. Does my total testosterone reading suggest that LH and FSH are looking alright too? I will be getting blood drawn for that shortly. I want to take HMG and HCG but I cant get it from my TRT clinic anymore

They are available via normal Rx, if you wanted to reach out to some docs. Without the gonadotropins, SERM at a reasonable dose but low TT response, I’d think it wasn’t working as well as it should. Dunno tho

Mind you those labs were drawn 1 month after discontinuing Enclomiphene. Im back on

You cannot figure out LH or FSH by looking at testosterone levels, no. Both could be fine, both could be in the gutter. Unfortunately this lab work isn’t what you needed to get a clear picture of your recovery.


Getting LH and FSH tested next week

thinking about getting HCG and/or HMg for a fertility protocol. trying to have a kid, but IDK how to dose it, for how long, or how much it ill be.

Has anyone had success with pregnancy using HCG or HMC while on TRT?

HMG is going to be the most expensive option. If HCG and enclomiphene don’t work then you break out HMG. I’ve seen protocols that are all over the road, but 75iu is a common dose. I’ve seen people use that twice a week all the way up to eod. If you go eod for six weeks you’re looking at close to $1,000, assuming you buy from the black market. If you go through a doctor and get a prescription it’ll be 3x that. HMG is a last resort, frankly. Yes it works, but you’re going to pay for it.

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