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Can't Get E2 Sensitive Test in the UK, What to Do?

I’m going to be starting TRT in the near future. I’ve been researching for a good few months about the problems I could face. One being managing E2 levels. I’ve seen countless guys state that the regular E2 test is not accurate for guys and that you need to use a sensitive test instead, but apparently in the UK nobody offers this test. What should I do?

I’m thinking of the following as my TRT protocol:

Test Cyp 100mg a week, 50mg Monday, 50mg Thursday.

Arimidex 1mg a week, 0.5mg Monday, 0.5mg Thursday.

1000iu HCG a week, 500iu Tuesday, 500iu Friday.

Does this look okay? If it is way off I’d appreciate your input.

Bump, I’m UK too & want to get E2 checked quite soon, so would like to hear ideas too.

Same thing in canada ! No sensitive test

Well you will make due with the test you do have. Just notice increases and decreases from where ever your numbers are.

Dynacare or Lifelabs in canada has E2 sensitive testing.

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Seems to be a well regarded place for UK TRT knowledge. Perhaps the guys there know of a UK E2 sensitive lab :slight_smile:

same story in Poland, there is no lab measuring E2 with use of LC-MS. However, I have measured my levels prior to TRT by ECLIA and it was around 20 pg/ml and during TRT it raised significantly 40 pg/ml (test 550 ng/dl) and 80 pg/ml (test 980 ng/dl).

have no idea does it reflects actual levels of e2. I know the common belief, but have not seen any scientific paper considering this matter.

Looks good.

E2 sensitive is proprietary to certain lab companies and is not an universal thing at all. So may be meaningless there. The main issue is getting a lab that resolves the E2 levels that we see in TRT and also when E2 is managed lower with anastrozole. If you get E2 < reporting+floor you are blind.

So guidance from this side of the pond may be of no value

Generally I see UK E2 lab work that seems very useful. An E2 lab for cycling females may be useless, an E2 lab that is appropriate for E2 in peri or post menopausal women would be good. These labs are not designed around male or F->M trans requirements.