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Can't Get a Grip on Stones!

The hardest part about stone loading for me is squeezing the darn thing with my forearms and getting it off the floor. Once it’s on my lap it’s not really a problem. I just can’t seem to hold onto those darn things. Even with tacky, the heaviest I’ve even gone up to was 205lbs and I deadlift over 550…
Any advice on how to suck less at stones?

EDIT: I found out the REAL issue…I’m actually just overtrained AF (getting sick and having bad training weeks). Taking some time off & deloading. Thanks to everyone who helped!

How often do you train stones?

Like once a week?

Do you not know the answer?

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How can you deadlift over 550 but struggle with a 200lb stone? I had random drunk dudes who deadlift like 315 walk up to the 175 in my garage and get in their laps without tacky.

Okay, a little disheartening maybe, but it’s okay. Stones are hard as hell. I recommend really thoroughly delving into technical aspects of it, as that’s what has helped us all the most. With your strength, you’re 110% capable of a much larger and heavier stone.

Upload some footage of you messing with one. Would help a lot to see.



Do not bring the stone to you, and bend down to it simultaneously. Set the stone first so that it is STILL, stand up straight, and find your footing. Essentially, you want your big toe in line with the center of the stone. Next, make damn sure that you’re spreading your fingers on the stone right down the middle.

Then, for the lap, don’t try to drop your hips super low. The stone will always force you to slump over, no matter what you do. It’s the nature of it. Instead, just find a position in between sitting down, and being entirely stiff-leg.

Otherwise, you’re kind of okay. The extension is a little wonky but it looks like you’re rather new to stone lifting.

Do you have small hands?

Oh yeah. You can definitely say that.

are you back at metroflex plano? I just saw your instagram post. Come on Saturday morning, I’ll be doing stones, and I’m training my girlfriend on them too. Or I can meet you on another day. Whatever works for you. Stones really just take practice to get acclimated to them. So that might really be all you need, just more reps in practice. But if you want help, I’m available, and Derek is pretty good at them too. He’s there every day.

ALSO: I’m about to start a thread about stone sleeves. pay attention to that if you’re in the market.

I was just there at Metro for a day to practice stones. Most Saturdays, I train with the strongmen at American Indoor Sports Facility in Carrollton.
Also I found out the REAL issue…I’m actually just overtrained AF (getting sick and having bad training weeks). Taking some time off & deloading.