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Can't gain weight!

I have a very very fast motabalizim, I am 6’5 and 155 pounds. I have tried all different diets and nothing works. I have been told eat 6 times a day and also have been told eat 3 large meals a day, that eating a lot will spead up my motabalizm. Frustrated with conflicting info. Please help

How many calories do you take in per day? Protein? Carbs? Fat? Let’s hear the numbers, partner.

Read the “Diet Manifesto”.

It’s your diet stupid. JOEL…

I see what Chris is getting at. I too was a skinny guy in High School (6’ 1" 138 lbs. as a freshman, 6’ 2" 163 lbs. as a senior). I thought I ate a lot…I would stuff myself at all three meals I ate during the day. I felt like my metabolism was just too fast to gain any weight. Well the reality is I just wasn’t eating enough to gain…especially with all the physical activity I was involved in. If you really take a look at what you’re eating, I’ll bet it’s not much more than 3,000 calories. If you’re eating three meals…those will seem like big meals(1000 cals. each), but it’s just not enough…especially if you’re active. You HAVE TO eat more times in the day…6 meals is a minimum. Not six 500 calorie meals either…six big 700-800 calorie meals centered around meat…get up above the 4000 calorie mark and you will gain some muscle weight. BTW, don’t forget to work on the basic compound movement (especially Deadlifts). Good Luck

Two words: Food Diary

stop being a pussy and eat more. I stalled out recently and couldnt gain any weight. I was working at eating too, well kind of anyways. Then i went on a week long vacation had like 7 meals a day, including some big buffets for breakfast. Anyways i put on a bit of weight like 5lbs. I didnt really expect all of it to be muscle and actually most of it wasnt, i just had a (kinda stupid) desire to gain weight. I had similar stats to you like 3 or 4 years ago. Bottom line is eat and then eat again when you arent really that hungry, then eat again (repeat process 2-3 times)… then sleep 8+ hours.

Read Chris Shugart’s great article in the previous issues section called the “Missing Ingrediant” That article which I just printed yesterday and re-read made me realize I was also at my best work and everything else wise when I was keeping a work journal of goals and things to do as well. So now I have restarted my workout, eating and work journals again. Thanks btw chris, sometimes we forget the simplest things and need the wake up call.

Other than that prep your foods you are going to eat, ah you know what just read the article I am talking about and take it from there.

contrary to what most teach calories taken in is THE most important thing and not how many meals you eat, I know people like to say if you eat 6x’s a day you will speed up your matabolism but science does not show this. what is your workout? are you workingout 6x’s a week and doing cardio? for someone such as yourself I’m sure most would say stick to basics and don’t workout more than 3x’s a week. as always peace


Hi, I’ve been doing the Massive Eating program for about 3 weeks and it’s working well. Try it. My biggest problem was consistency. I would eat 5000 calories one day, 2000 the next, 4000 the next, and 1300 the next…get it? No consistency. I spent a week eating normally and wrote down the calories I ate each day…HUGE fluctuations (sp?) in the amount of calories I ate each day. This would probably be the reason I’ve been about 120-130 lbs. my entire life.