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Can't Gain Weight! Need Some Advice!

Can anyone help me out, I’m 21 178cm heaviest I have been is 87kg when I wasn’t calorie counting and still playing footy. I train 5 times a week no longer than an hour, I’m a builder so my job is physical my tdee is 3489, I’ve been trying to gain weight these last 6 weeks, I started off at 83kg goal is 88.

First week I was consuming 3700 cal, didn’t gain anything, bumped it up to 3850 for two weeks, dropped down to 82.5, increased to 4000cal for two weeks and weighed myself this morning and was 80kg, I eat every 3 hours I’m having 55% carbs 20% fats and 25 protein, so 90g fats 550 carbs and 250 protein, I have half my carb requirements post workout at night with 50 grams half way through my training with bcaas, 130g in the morning with 30g of fat then divide the rest of my protein fats and carbs 3 meals inbetween before I train.

I’m not new to doing weights I’ve just started to take it more seriously now that I’ve decided not to play footy…

Bad as it sounds, eat more… Once read an article that said if you don’t have a burrito in your hand while you are reading this, then don’t complain about not gaining weight. Treat eating with the same intensity that you treat lifting. Don’t know what you are eating, but throw some cheap calories in there, add a scoop of ice cream to a shake lol. Be sore every time you leave a table. Eventually the weight will increase.

Go for more calorie dense options and eat quickly in front of the TV.

Chew your food properly instead of just swallowing it! Not how much you eat it’s how much you assimilate!!!

You can try betaine HCL with pepsin to take with meals. If you are eating that much and still not gaining you are either not absorbing enough nutrients, or you are still burning too many calories. Your line of work keeps you very active on top of training 5 days a week. That could be another reason you are not gaining size on top of maybe a fast metabolism.

you were born in 93 you are still really young after all. One more thing it may be worth trying switching fats as your pre dominent energy source and lowering the carbs over all. Consume the bulk of your carbs around peri work out. (Before, during, and or after work out.)

esp. note defrancos hour of power

Add a medium sized bottle of olive oil to your weekly diet. Switch to fattier meats. Have a mega cheat day.

It sounds like to me that you could stand to have a cheat meal every other day.

I can relate you your dilemma. I’m in the military and the nature of my job requires me to workout 3 times a day. Top it all off to 100% humidity everyday and long hours and you have a recipe to lose way too much weight. That’s exactly what happened to me. Before I got to my current unit, I was 205lbs at 5’10" fairly lean and now I’m 180lbs really lean. On the plus side, my run time went down exponentially.

I recently started adding a burger and fries every other day on my existing meals and I put on 10lbs while still remaining lean. I filled out more and looked way better. It worked for me but there are many ways.

I agree with most of the posts above though. You just need to eat more.