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Can't Gain Size

I purchased your book “Buffed” and have been following the 12 week program to the letter.
Body weight 148lbs.
10% bodyfat (naturally lean)
Age: 38
Occupation: Executive
Years of training: on and off since high school, very dedicated for past 2 years.
Program: Ian King - 4 day Weights: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Cardio on Wednesday
Calories per day: 2000 , 5 meals per day. High protein, low carb, low fat diet
Supplements: Just Protein and Myoplex bars for 3 of the 5 meals
Problem - I have gotten stronger and toner from the program. But cannot gain size and weight. I have been stuck at 148lbs. for the past year. I would like to build to 175lbs. with a more bodybuilder appearance. I am gaining strength, but not size.
1 RM measures: Bench 235lbs. , pull ups - my weight plus 25 lbs. plate, squat - 250lbs., deadlift - 145 lbs.

Any advice? I am planning to start a new training cycle in a few weeks. Right now I am planning to repeat the program in “Buffed” with a greater emphasis on training intensity. Also, I have trained natural. Is the Finaplix route a good idea?

You MIGHT want to try eating more. Jeez.

How in the hell did you think you could gain size on a low carb, low fat, 2000 cal/day diet? You should be eating at least 3500 cal/day, maybe more. Is this a joke post? Also, how does one get ‘toner’?

If you want to put on weight the sensible thing to do is up your calories. Plus you cannot put on weight without consuming carbs, so you should up that macro big time. Also you should not be afraid of fat because it allows your body produce anabolic hormones to encourage growth.

I strongly suggest you go back to the previous issues and read the “Massive Eating” articles those should be a sufficient base. Also check out Berardi’s “Appetite for Construction” those will fill you in on the best ways to use cardio to reach your goals.

Finally I wouldn’t suggest prohormones because you still have alot of untapped anabolic potentional by eating bigger. Good luck.

Art, sorry for the nasty response. I forgot what it’s like to be ignorant of the nutrition side to this game. But seriously, nutrition is more than half the battle. Massive eating is definitely the way to go, but if you find this too hard to follow as an executive, you should try something along the lines of the ‘Get Big’ diet or the cleaner version of the ‘Pound A Week’ diet. It’s all in the previous issues section, just do a search. Good luck man.

The good news is with the way you’ve been eating it shouldn’t be difficult at all to get your bodyweight going up. Without having any carbs or fats your body hardly has anything to run off of and will probably respond really well to an increase in calories. I recommend you eat about 50% protein, 30% fat and 20% carbs. Gradually increase your calories starting with about 2500…as you get your bodyweight going up gradually introduce more carbs into your diet…so eventually shoot for 40 pro 30 carbs 30 fats.

I thought I was a hardgainer myself like you. Fortunately I realized that I was a total dumb ass and eating 2500 cals a day. EAT…EAT until you throw up then eat that shit. Friggin EAT like a fuckin Horse…no TWO horses! Yeah…This game is 70% nutrition 30% training. I don’t want to hear this I can’t eat anymore bullshit either, take it from me bro, 4 months ago I was 150 disgraceful pounds of “Pure muscle” I did EXACTLY what I said up there and now I weigh 178 with about 14% body fat. you WILL gain fat so don’t freak out like some pussies do. REMEMBER, you can burn the fat off later. Hope you become a massive dude bro. Happy eating.

You definitely need more calories each day. You’re barely eating enough for maintenance if you didn’t work out! How can you grow doing that? When gaining, I consume more than 3,000 calories a day and I’m only 5’4." I cut my cals to 2,000 a day while dieting. But now that I’m no longer dieting, I’m going back to 3,000 cals/day. So EAT! And I wouldn’t do Ian’s program over again. You need to do something different. And from looking at your stats, your deadlift is extremely low compared to your other lifts, especially your bench. So I would focus on lifting heavier weights and lower reps with plenty of food. Focus on the basic exercises. Or do something even more fun and demanding and start doing the workouts posted by Coach Davies. I am loving it! They are tough, but they work.

Just to put things in a little more perspective - when I’m trying to put on muscle I eat about a thosand calories more than you do currently. I weigh less, and I’m a girl with low bodyfat. You gotta eat. If I were you I try a 40/40/20 approach, or if you are really afraid of carbs, 45/35/20 (protein/carb/fat).

I agree completely with the other posts. You need to eat more. Forget the gain muscle and lose fat paradigm. It does happen, but usually only in the first couple of months of training. As for the training program, I think you can do the same program again. With apologies to Nate Dogg, I think your program needs to reflect your goals. Coach Davies’ GPP programs are great for athletic performance, but may hamper you in quest of muscle mass. For simply putting on muscle, I think you’re better off with a bodybuilding program with emphasis on hypertrophy. German volume training may be a good alternative. Good luck.

B4 i even read the other posts i saw the need for a diet change. Like everyone else says eat. atleast 200 grams protein with clean carbs and fats. Also you might not be growing because of muscle imbalances. You squat 250 but only deadlift 145!!! Is that a typo or what. Maybe you got to workout on balancing your muscles. then you might have more room to grow. Hit the weak parts first. Can you do one arm rows (for back) with 80 lb dumbells for strict reps? You can bench 235 so i figure you can do 80 lb dumbells bench presses for reps. It seems you have worked out what you see in the mirror and not the backside of your body, ie. back, hamstrings. Put on some muscle there and your weight will jump up another 15lbs easily. Not trying to dis, just thought it might be an idea. I might be off on my calculations not knowing your body type or form. You get my point though. laters