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can't gain a pound

hey all im 20 6’ 156 and desperately trying to bulk
i tried 3200 cals a day=didn’t work
then 3500 cals=didn’t work
heres my cals for the past two weeks
Total: 3838
Fat: 160 1443 39%
Sat: 32 291 8%
Poly: 34 302 8%
Mono: 49 437 12%
Carbs: 433 1519 41%
Fiber: 54 0 0%
Protein: 179 714 19%
Alcohol: 4 28 1%
i go to bed and weigh 160 once i get up im 156 again…can’t seem to put on any pounds…i wouldn’t mind going up to 4000 cals a day but as it is now im fartin like a mad man and they reek hardcore–probs from all the protein but i could up the carbs and fat i guess to get me to 4000
it just seems really weird eating that much im seriously eating meals every two hours or so…all i do is EAT
i know some people would love to have this kind of metabolism but its driving me crazy
i eat real clean-salmon, naty pb, oatmeal, hella fruit, etc…if u wanna check out my fitday foods just ask

ps i do absolutley no cardio and only lift three times a week

Try 4000. If it does not work, try 5000. If not, 6000. I wish I had your problems. I am one of the lardasses that gain 30 lbs by looking at 4000 kCal worth of food over a month or two.

you are eating too much, your food is negating other food… so really you are taking in 1/2 of the nutrients you think you are taking so if you took in 4k if you divide it by half you only get 2k calories, hence you are not growing. Makes no sense eh? neither does your post… if you say you are eating that much then your training must suck, or you didn’t give these diets enough time. There is no such thing as desperatly… every damn thing takes a damn long amount of time. Or you could have one of those damn tape worms which gobble up your food or something.

Get Super Squats & follow the routines in there to the letter. Randy (the author) says if you do the squats, eat tons of good food, have a big blender bomb every day (it includes a recipe for one), & in 6 weeks your own mother won’t recognise you.

I have to eat about 3500 calories just to maintain my weight of 185. I’ve been as heavy as 215 but I had to increase my calories to about 5500 to get there and it took about 6 weeks. It sucks having to eat that much every day because you feel like throwing up all day but you have to do whatever it takes. I had to save up for a while to be able to afford to feed myself. Something like Cytosport’s Cytogainer worked great for me. I was drinking three shakes a day with whole milk and flax oil and then eating 4 whole food meals on top of that. Just try to get your calories up a little more. It may just take one more meal a day to get you past your plateau. If you have trouble trying to fit in another meal then try drinking a couple of glasses of water right before bed. This will make you wake up in the middle of the night to piss and you can have another shake while your up. Good Luck!

Stop drinking if you drink - weekend benders will take away a weeks worth of progress so you will stall if you drink on the weekends. If you dont drink - take a week off from training completely and drop your calories down to maintinance - then hit the food and weights hard for about 2-3 weeks and you’ll gain. Keep doing that you you will see faster growth.

I have something that might help: boost protein up to 2grams per pound of body weight, this should help, Since I was the exact same size as you I understand about the metabolism, all you can do is stick with it, cut out most cardio, and pack in the protein (250-300g’s)

Just eating is not going to make you gain muscle. I see alott of dumb newbies that here from everybody eating is number one, then when it comes to training they might be following sometype of program, but there weights are weak and are not progressing at the compound lifts. Eat well, and balanced and increase every lift by 50lbs and see if you weigh more. A natural lifter that puts on 2lbs of pure muscle in a month is a noble goal. the rest is water, and or fat.

ok Train better - vary volume but work really hard. Eat more meat period. less protein shakes if you already take them. Buy a couple bottles of olive oil and canola oil. take a tbs of each with however many meels you need to.

I have the same problem as you do. But I have been able to put on weight slowly. What I did was only work out 3 days a week not more then 45 minutes per session. I was also taking VERY long breaks in order to go as heavy as possible. So within a session I did very few sets (=~9). Of course dont do any cardio. Also you might want to play with your macro ratios. This you’ll have to play with. Ultimately I ended up eating a lot of healthy fats to increase my calorie level. By healthy fats I mean using alot of flaxseed oil, NATURAL peanut butter, mayonaise. This helped me reach my calories to a new level easily. I find that I couldnt eat any more carbs because I always felt sleepy, nautious, not to mention my jaw was getting tired. Its not easy eating that much “good” carbs. Especially the ones ranked low on the GI list. The next recommendation I have might put me in hot water with some of the others but aside from eating all those healthy fats, try consuming a weightgainer during your workouts. Yes, I know I could hear everyone crying that there’s nothing but sugar in the powder, But you are an exception. Or I should say one of the FEW who can use such a supplement to your advantage.

do what JM Blakely does, carry around snickers bars, pb, nuts any high cal density foods. Eat all day eat large meals strech your stomach and repeat… not saying this is the healthiest idea but works. If you cant handle so much solid foods make giant milk poweder ice cream pb shakes to drink all day long…