hi evry one! i tried the p+f,p+c meals
and i just cant get my self of the carbs… it like im eating aclean meal
and afew min later my body craves for carbs and sweets…i cant help it…
when i tried to eat by instincs i eat
carbs in evry meal and the fat% was down…how can i make my body to stop
wanting carbs and sweet all the time??
im 10% body fat and want to go down to the 5-6% area…its like i just cant say no to the carbs…:frowning: god i hate this!!plese help…
p-s:i trains 6 time aweek in weightlifting and that makes me hungry all the time…

Well its pretty simple, it’s called self control. I know that sounds pretty shitty but you have to expect to get flamed for this one. U just simply have to not eat the carbs, get used to it. It all burns down to what u desire more, advancing your training or eating a potatoe? Are the carbs worth it? The only thing I could suggest that might possibly help with the cravings is 5-HTP.

I wonder if you’re actually eating enough calories in the P+F. If you calculate it out, and you’re eating enough calories in the P+F, then just wait at least 20-30 minutes before you touch a carb.

Self-control is important, but you don’t have to use “IRON WILL” for more than about 20-30 minutes after that meal. You have to wait for the stomach to send the message to the head: “Okay, we’re full/satisfied”. Which doesn’t happen until 20-30 minutes after you’ve eaten.

Give it a shot.

Dan “IRON WILL” McVicker

One thing that helped me is having something sweet like Sugar-free Jello, a mint or even brushing my teeth.

i think that i eat aruond 3500-4000
cal per day…in my training day its ok
but after my rest day{sutrday}im up by my p+f meals i eat aruond
200-3–gram of chiken brests withe olive oil and alot of veggis but it simply dont make me ok.i still fel hungry…and want sweets and carbs…just after the carbs go in im cooling down…it very bad for me becuse its kill my training…when i started the p+c,p+f iwas 8%body fat now im 10%…i think maybe come back to eat "normaly"carbs in evey meal but to keep it clean…what do you think?

when I tried the low carb, which i only recommend if you are 17% fat or higher, it took me two weeks of eating low carb before I had no carb cravings at all. A better plan, since your only at 10% is to try and limit your carbs to 300 or 250 gms a day, depending on your size. If you “HAVE” to have certain types of high glycemic carbs, try to have them after your workout, between 50-100 grams.and also make a rule such as no carbs after 4 pm.

ok…i like the rule…it atuff one to make…bty-im 70kilo on 1.63meter
and compiting in the 69kilo catagory…
but i need to be at 5-7%fat and i just cant get it down.god its so hard control it, its like my body demand it!!give me sweets and carbs now:{

I have found the single easiest way to avoid eating processed carbs is to NOT BUY THEM.

5 HTP, L-Glutamine supps help too.