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Can't Finish Complete Yawn at Times


Well its been lil over a month, were I poped my last shot of tre e(1cc)
T 400(1cc) n deca 300 (.5cc), soon as I pulled out I experienced harsh shortness of breath, tight chest, really heavy breathing, got all checked out, everything is fine, heart is fine, blood is fine, oxygen levels are good, I got most of breathin back , I can do cardio fine, jus dont feel 100 percent of my breathing, only wen I eat do I experience lil bit of shortness of breath, but I still complete a yawn, feels weird, I kno I read, that high test and high tren, lenghtens the sides, but I jus hate the non bein able to yawn complete an havin my full breathin back, bronkade help alil bit with it...any, advice?


steroids have made you unable to yawn? That shit is weeeeiiiiirrrrddd


Ive been readin alot on it, its causes bronchial constriction, wich can cause problems like heavy breathin, shortness of breath, cant complete yawn, suppose to go away once its out ur system. .


The tren fucks with bronchial constriction, very common unfortunately


surely you either yawn or you don’t? How do you half yawn?


Same problem here for more than a year. Can’t take a complete yawn. I feel one day I’ll die from this shit


Hey have you fully recovered from the tren yet? I still have breathing issue after my injection last year. I started thinking the breathing problem is not from the tren!


somatic delusions