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Can't Find Pants!?


Ok not really but I figured I'd get more views this way and the question is semi related.

When I stand/walk "normally" my legs touch/rub together. My legs are not hyoooooge or anything but I've had this "inner thighs touching" issue for a long while now. I usually wear under armor "compression shorts" to mitigate this issue but I started thinking about it today and thought I'd ask...

Who else experiences this?

What are your tricks to avoid chaffing?

Anything you'd like to add?

Ready...... Go!

Oh yeah and baby powder is great for this too.


I started to suffer from this "inner thighs touching" a month ago or so. I will be following this thread closely...


Champion sells boxer briefs that I went out about bought like a dozen pairs of becaue they're the first pair of boxers that don't move on my leg and cause chafing. I got 'em at Target. FWIW, my 300lb fat powerlifter friend told me about them and he's used them with success, too.

Also, 'body glide'. It looks like a stick of deodorant, but it's like a non-greasy lube you rub on the inside of your legs. This is amazing for bathing suits and stuff like that.


I've never actually found it to be a big issue and I've been a boxerbriefs guy for like... ever, so there really might be something to rrjc's idea.

I find underarm chafing way worse, tried all diff types of deodorant and nothing seems to help. Never used to happen, assuming it's either arm or lat size related, or both, but it sucks. Haven't tried baby powder there yet though, that probably should've been common sense...


chafing is terrible sometimes on my thighs... I'm always been a boxy brief guy too but I'll have to check out those Champion briefs.

Oh and by the way, if I don't have Under Armour for my workout, I will be very tempted to just not go to the gym, LOL! doesn't even matter if I'm doing upper body stuff only.


I wear boxers or boxer briefs. I don't usually have a problem.


I stick with UA boxers or boxer briefs...no complaints, other than the prices. But well worth it.


I couldn't wear tighty-whities even if I wanted to. I haven't figured out who they are trying to torture with those, me or my nutz. You would think they would sell "pain free" versions.


No such thing if you're larger than an 8 y/o boy down low.


Walk like a cowboy.


A.K.A. "I was sodomized yesterday".


By a horse. He will not chaff though.


Agreed, but it's more of a public service, as no one needs to see my pastey white thighs. As for chaffing, boxer briefs, but they need to be on the longer side.


X 3

Greg our little boy is growing up.


Tighty-whities were made for white boys by white boys.


not only longer, but tight on the leg so they dont ride up and twist your pubes off. ironicly, making your legs bigger will help the tightness round the leg


I guess you guys had to change all your wardrobe during the initial bulks...because all my trousers are starting to feel very tight and they are ripping as well.




uh, yeah...I did have to buy new clothes since the 90's.

I am sure weighing 100lbs more has something to do with it also.

Mind you, I also remember when that was a big deal. I think I still have my "remember when you were this size and you thought this shirt made you look swole" shirt somewhere around here.

Every few years I may try to put it on just to laugh and then throw it back in the drawer way in the back.



You would think FUBU would be on this by now.



One time when I was 19 or so I woke up in the morning and my pants were soaked top to bottom all over....the same ones that I had thrown on the floor the night before after coming home from the bar.

I swear it wasn't urine. It didn't smell and I only had a few beers and this was ALL OVER. Like they'd been washed and then thrown right back where they were when I went to bed. And it wasn't raining the night before.

And I was living alone so no one pranked me.

When I die and get to Heaven I want to know what happened.