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Cant Find Pants That Fit


Hi friends!
Sorry if there is already a thread on this topic... but do any of you guys find it hard to buy pants?? My squats have improved over the past 2 months and Ive noticed all my pants are splitting. When buying new ones, I find it hard to find pants that fit the circumference of my thighs and to sit around the waist properly at the same time.
What do you guys do for pants??

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Again? Really? Fuck.



Worst trolling evah


Wear a kilt.

<------ Or do what I do here.

End of useless, repetitive thread.


Per the responses to the OP:

Ouchtown. Population you bro!





My suggestion.


Call Jared, he's got some old pants that might fit you.


It looks like OP already picked them up.


Pants? I can't even find underwear that fits.


Jared? Shit, now you're getting me started on bashing Subway again!


Thongs, bruh!

If you can't get your underwear around your glutes, go between :wink:


I saw the title of this thread and thought "YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" :slight_smile: it's already been to long since the last one!

On a semi related pants topic... I ripped a pair of my favorite pants the other day bowling with my papa. Ripped right up through the crotch. It sucks cause I really liked those pants


I've got really big balls and the way thongs taper in front makes them sore after a couple of hours.



There are already 8743 threads exactly like this one.....

Outside of that, what kind of pants? "My legs are so big, I need some new pants....??" You're not going to get any style points by asking a bunch of bodybuilders/powerlifters what to wear. Secondly, your legs aren't big enough for this to be an issue.

It seems like people think it is a right of passage to get on here and bitch about how their bugle boy jeans they have been wearing since the 6th grade don't fit anymore.