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Can't Find Minimum Age for Teen Physique Competitions

This happens a lot but I’ve been looking at a few shows that I am considering competing In next year, usually next to the teen physique category is says an age range (ex: 13-18 or 18-19). I’ve searched and searched for anything mentioning teen physique in the shows I want to compete in, haven’t found any minimum age. Ill leave some names and links to the show sites to see if any of you can figure this out. Thanks.

IFBB/NPC Golden State spectrumfitnessproductions.com/2016-ifbbnpc-golden-state

IFBB/NPC Northern California spectrumfitnessproductions.com/northern-california

IFBB/NPC Sacramento spectrumfitnessproductions.com/2016-ifbbnpc-sacramento

I’m going to be 17 next year if you were wondering.

Well, technically a teenager is 13-19, so I would assume that unless it specifically states a range in the contest application, that’s what it would be.

I will say that I’ve seen some teenage divisions where you’ve got some competitors who are 18-19 and already sporting very respectable physiques. Of course there’s always the couple of 14-15 year olds, who I respect for getting up there, but look a bit out of place amongst the older entrants.


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