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Can't find M...Alternatives?

I started my first mag-10 cycle 1 1/2 weeks ago. I bought the only two bottles at the supplement store I work at. I noticed we had a lot of tribex but no M for my 2 week off. My boss said he would order it for me and it wouldn’t be a problem getting it in time. Today (4 days left in 1st cycle) I find out that the stuff is backordered and I probably won’t get the M until 5 days into my off weeks.
A couple of questions. Does anyone think that it will matter if I start tribex only for the first 4 or 5 days without the M, until I get the M? What if I use chrysin as an anti-estrogen instead? Maybe Vyo-dim ?(which I don’t know if I trust as a reputable product).
Does anyone know of any products that mimic the ingredients in M? I really wanted to use only Biotest products, and follow directions to the t, but I may be screwed here. I know it wasn’t too smart to start my cycle without all of the proper ammo, but I had the mag-10 in my hands and I couoldn’t wait!
I may have to swallow my pride and go to GNC to see if they have M (god I hate those rip-off bastards!) Anyway, the good news is that I started at 158 lbs. and am now 170, with I’m guessing only about 4-5 lbs. being fat. I’m 5’8’’. Holy crap!! I love this stuff.
Any replies helpful…peace…

I don’t think it matters that much. M just helps your T recover faster.

Get some vitex and plan better next time. That’s just one ingredient in M, but it’ll work better than nothing in a pinch. Or just wait the recommended four weeks off before another MAG-10 cycle and you won’t “have” to have it.

What supplement stores provide Biotest products? I hate ordering stuff online, because it’s always a pain to be home in order to recieve a shipment from UPS.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Forget about chrysin. There’s a reason everybody has let that product die. Poor oral absorbtion. Dan Duchaine, the guy that (I think) introduced the idea of using chrysin (based on studies in rats) was also the first to publicly announce that chrysin was a bust. Hey, at least he was being honest about one of his own ideas. As for that 4-5 pounds of bodyfat, that would mean (at 170 lbs.) that you’re already down to about 2.5 %. If true, you are about to die. Just kidding, but pros in contest shape would be hard pressed to get that low. Anyhow…

Tbone-Go to DPSnutrition. They sell M for a good price, and you usually get it in 2 days (I live in Jersey, so it may be an extra day or two depending on where your at. As far as waiting for UPS, if they come and your not home, they leave a sticker on your door. They will deliver the following day. If you won’t be home, just sign the back of the slip and leave it on your door. They will leave the package at your door step, or at a neighbors if you tell them to in the “comments” section on the sticker. In the meantime get some SolarRay Vitex.

hey marvin, i meant that out of the 12 lbs. i’ve gained, about 5 lbs. of it is fat, not that i’m 170 with 5 lbs. of total body fat. guess i should have written that a bit more clearly. the other way would be cool too!

Dude go to fitrx.com they have M for 26 bucks! Save you the GNC price.

yo go to fitrx.com. They have M for 26 bucks