Can't Find An Article - Periodization/Base Building

Hi All,

I’m starting this thread in the hope that someone will recognise the article I’m about to describe, because dumb me didn’t bookmark it when I read it months ago and since then I can’t find it.

I am almost sure it is one of CT’s articles.

It was a periodization article, a phase for base building, I think it gave the example of Starting Strength, a strength phase with the example of Westside, and a couple more phases, maybe one of them was conditioning, if I remember well.

I searched a million combinations of key words I remember from the article but no luck as of yet, so I am hoping it rings a bell to someone on here.

Thank you in advance.

Are you talking about his article about seasons of training?

Thank you man.

I just looked it up. It is a similar concept but it wasn’t the same article. If it helps, the one I read, I read it on T Nation and the Four Seasons one is only to be found on Thibarmy.

I honestly don’t see which article you are talking about. :frowning:

I could be wrong about it being written by you Coach.

As I said I am almost sure it is one of your works.

It seems like a concept you would come up with, as you did a very similar one with the Four Seasons Articles, so I automatically thought it has to be your work.

If it isn’t, my apologies Coach!

Thank you, I really appreciate everyone trying to help.

is it an old article? I have written over 600 so anything is possible

If I remember well, I have read it sometime around October 2020, and even then it wasn’t a new release, so yes, it is a rather old one.

I remember bits of information. While it was a very similar concept as Four Seasons, it didn’t have the exact same time given to each phase. Base building had so many weeks, strength phase had a few more I think.
There may have been a mention of a kind of peak phase after that, maybe Clusters, or a short Bulgarian System Block?

I’m trying to remember as much as possible, maybe it helps finding it.

I think I found it. I actually found 2 articles in the topic, and right enough one of them was your work CT, from 2016.



After describing it to you guys and talking about it I searched for it with other keywords and after months of searching I came across it.
I don’t even know which one it was, what I’m thinking is I made some kind of a mash up of the 2 in my head overtime and been looking for an article that doesn’t exist on its own lol.

Thank you for everyone’s help, and I hope others will find the information in the articles useful as well. I sure as hell will implement it in my planning I’m working on since gyms just reopened in the UK.

Wow, I honestly would have not found these :slight_smile:

I was about to recommend my pendulum training articles or Super Beast. But glad you found what you were looking for.

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I think I have read about your Pendulum Training before, but I couldn’t recall it, and Super Beast doesn’t ring any bells, so I’m going to look them both up.

Thank you for the suggestions Coach!