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Can't Feel My Hamstrings


Couple of minor contributions-
Prior to deadlifting you might want to consider doing part of your warmup with high rep low resistance isolation exercises on your hamstrings. Any of the ones listed above would be good. I have some problematic muscles that I have to “wake up” sometimes to get them firing on the big lifts. One thing I didn’t see on here was sled pulls. You can do lighter weight for time or heavier weight for shorter distances, but sled work and prowler work in general are great for overall leg development. Alternate pushing and pulling forward and backward and you’ve got a hell of a day in front of you. And of course I have to say wide stance box squats for posterior chain development, but I listen to damn near everything Louie Simmons ever says so it’s a predictable answer.


Joe defranco talks about sleds/prowlers as well. I’m getting ready to join a mma gym
to aid in fat loss but anyway they have a really nice weight room…prowlers, sleds,
farmer carries the whole bit. I figured I’d do a full body workout which would include
deadlifts and some sled/prowler pushes/pulls. I assume you’re speaking directly on the
pulls where one wears a vest and hooks the sled up to it and then walk dragging the
weight? I think I’ve read where louis simmons does this to really hit the hamstrings/
posterior chain.


I think this may be a typo…

@flipcollar - Is that really what you meant? I’m no expert but I’ve always thought it was the other way (mixed grip) around


If you want to lose fat and try to keep your strength at least somewhat where it’s at now, you could try something like this:

・walk an hour a day, every single day
・lift 3 times a week, doing these main lifts, and following a 5/3/1 progression:
Day 1: Squat & Bench
Day 2: Power Clean & Deadlift
Day 3: Front Squat & Press
(add in assistance work as you see fit - some isolation movements before your main lifts, arm work, extra posterior chain work (I’d really recommend this - try GHR’s, back extensions, hip thrusts, etc.)
・do conditioning 3 times a week - try out hill sprints (I’d recommend this over regular sprints since you’re a big dude), sled/Prowler work, loaded carries, etc.
・drink a lot of water
・sleep 8-9 hours every single night
・take fish oil
・follow other’s recommendations on diet because that’s not my strong point at all

If you actually stick with that you’ll gradually get stronger and gradually lose some fat/build some more muscle. It’s kind of a little bit of everything - if you wish to really stand out in one area you’ll need to focus more on that area.

Oh, and as far as assistance work goes, working the bigger muscles give bigger results. That’s about as simple as I can say it. Basically, working your glutes and back will provide more overall results than your calves and biceps.


sorry guys, it was a typo. I meant mixed grip puts your bicep at risk.


Backward motion is a big part of it. You don’t need a vest. You can hook a rope to it and just pull it backwards dragging it by a rope. Depending on the type of prowler/sled, if you’ve got somewhere to put your back up against it you can push it backwards. If all else fails, do the same with a car or truck. I like to push it down and pull it back. Plus, it’s a great conditioning tool for fat loss. But yes, loaded carries, sled/prowler work, tire flips, etc. are all great ways to get creative and get a lot of volume at lower intensity. Kettlebell work is another good one for nailing the hip hinge with a lot of volume and getting everything firing.


I was like this when I joined too wasn’t I. I’m so sorry and thanks you guys for “guiding” me.