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Can't Feel Lower Ab Contract

I’ve researched lower ab exercises and contraction on forums but couldnt find any good results. During the 50th rep of reverse crunches I can feel the burn but whenever I add a dumbell between my lower legs, it always slips off so I cant do weighted (plus it hurts my lower legs above ankle area)
I cant feel my lower abs working on hanging leg/knee raises and I just simply lift my knees even though I try to do that Mind muscle connection of pelvis etc… I also try Vups but they hit more upper abs for me. Any WEIGHTED lower ab exercises that are advanced and uncommon?

Do captain’s chair leg raise if your gym has that. Focus on stretching and contracting the abs. Hanging leg raise done properly is a pretty difficult exercise for a beginner. I thought I could do it when I first started but then I realized I was just lifting my legs up using a bit of momentum.

Fun fact: Many women report having orgasms while using the captain’s chair.


I come in my pants while benching. I fucking love benching.


got to curl the pelvis up, rather than just lifting the legs.

Start with reverse crunches and build up from there.

I don’t have a captains chair or enough bar-to-ground clearance to do hanging leg raises so I do them on my dip handles. Turns out it’s been the best method of doing that particular exercise for me.

I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

You’ll probably get more of a return doing something like this:

Or if you wanna build the reverse crunch:

I haven’t seen you train, but I think at your level, it could very well be that your abs aren’t strong enough for you to feel them contract. I’d focus on your big lifts along with planks and the above stuff

Once upon a time, there was an entire thread about this.


It has happened to my girlfriend during chinups.

…she doesn’t touch me anymore. She bought a chinup bar.

Not sure if that’s a bad thing…

I cant even feel it on that :frowning:

All I feel, even though I try my best to squeeze my abs and etc… all I feel is wobbly knees going back and forth up and down

Thing is, reverse crunches are easy and I know I can feel it. So I tried adding weight via dumbells but it always slips out and also bruises the hell outta my lower side leg

Could you explain how? Do you just do a tricep lockout and knees up?

Yeah locked out at the top. I do them with my legs straight personally, but if knees up works better for you then do what you’ve gotta do.

I think everyone in this thread is missing the picture, which is this: it’s non-consequential. This is not something any beginner should be remotely concerned with, and it’s arguable that even an advanced lifter would never have a reason to worry about this.

Your lower abs will show well when you get very strong, and very lean. If you’re doing proper core/ab work, then whether you ‘feel it’ or not in your lower abs will have zero impact on the physique you develop. None.


Damn straight !

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