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'Can't Feel Lats' Cure


Everyone needs to try these at least once:


Posting here in the forum because I'm sure a lot of us don't always read the LiveSpills. Def glad I caught this one.


I second these big time. I include them in my back training often.


My lats are picky, i have to use thumbless grip for any pulldown type movement. Try it out.


Can't wait to try these! I swear I felt my lats just watching Shelby in the video!


Lower lats? Isnt the latissimus dorsi just one muscle?


Just try them.


Outstanding. Thanks for this.


Don't know if I'll be flamed for this but I did a variation like this on the assisted dip/pull up machine with one arm. I would get a GREAT stretch then contract pretty hard as the machine took some of my weight away. Nothing has come close to getting my lats as pumped as the variation I've done (I really don't have big last mind you).

However, I'll give that one a try for sure!


By luck or coincidence, I've been doing this for a month or so. I "discovered" it trying to work in some different band work off my rack for recovery. The contracted pause a the bottom is awesome. I also agreed with K-man32 about the thumbless grip.


Most painful/rewarding lat exercise, bar none.

Can also be done on the low pulley, bracing yourself on the bench you'd normally sit on. A bit easier to get a deeper stretch for me.