Can't Feel Glutes on Squat/Deadlift

Hey everyone!

I’ve been training for a while now, and i read quite a lot of articles about squatting and deadlifting. My problem is, i cant feel my glutes when i squat or deadlift, even if i do sumo deadlifts, or very wide squats. When im squatting ATG, i have a hard time at the bottom position, and often my squat turn into a “squat-morning”. Any suggestions?

Keep up the good work, Good luck from Hungary!


Not “feeling” a muscle doesn’t mean it isn’t doing its job properly during an exercise. I never “feel” my erectors during exercises but they sure as hell are doing their work. Same with lunges - don’t feel it in the glutes during training but definitely the next day. Point is, don’t be so quick to blame the inhibition of glutes.

I think people went way overboard with the whole glute activation/inhibition thing. My advice, don’t focus on “feeling” the glutes but on proper positioning / execution / technique of a lift for YOUR body. If you get the latter right (not an easy task) the rest will fall into place.

Try to squeeze them at the top if both motions.

Occasionally, heavy kb swings before squats and deads can ell pump the glute if you’re concerned with feeling it

Thank you guys! I’ll give em a try. Maybe i was a bit too concerned about this.

[quote]manede01 wrote:
Maybe i was a bit too concerned about this.[/quote]

Yep, not something a beginner needs to worry about