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Cant Feel Food

Now, I have been observing my body and how it reacts. Most people’s bodies tell them or show them signs about how they feel. You know, like when you have slept 12 hours and had pretty badass meals the whole day your workout is great. When you were hungry you aren’t at your best in the weight room. I can’t feel that. When I train I feel the exact same amount of confidence, physical and mental strength, I don’t feel tired too soon when I was starving the whole day and the day before that. I don’t feel more energy when I had hard core sleep and food. I don’t even feel coffee, I don’t feel sleepy after some carbs that can take my insulin levels high. I can’t make the difference between high carb days and low carb + high fat days.

How come? Why is that?

You aren’t in tune with your body yet. Keep a consistent schedule (Diet, sleep etc…) for a few months and then come back. You basically have to reset your body if you want to notice the “effects” except caffeine…some people just don’t react to it.

Most people don’t experience dramatic fluctuations in response to their diets. Those that you read about online are often the outliers.

As for your training, you probably just haven’t gotten to the point where you’re able to push yourself hard enough in the gym to require maximum performance to beat your previous sessions or easily recover from these sessions.