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Can't Feel Deadlifts in Hams or Glutes.

When I deadlift, I only feel it in my whole back and never in my hams or glutes, even when I go low. My back grows like weed afterwards but hams and glutes don’t. What could be the problem?

What style of deadlifts are you doing?

[quote]Evolv wrote:
What style of deadlifts are you doing? [/quote]

Mostly conventional, sometimes sumo.

Try dropping your ass lower right before you pull, then rip it off the ground. That helps me feel it more in my glutes/hams.

Also be sure that you’re sitting way back on your heels.

try stiff leg deads if u wanna really feel em

throw in some back extensions and get your body to fire the right muscles

Yeah, also when you’re doing your stiff-legged deadlifts, make sure you’re not doing a romanian deadlift and moving your hips. This will help focus on your hams… You’ll have to go lower in weight obviously.

Here’s an example of the RDL:

And also, you can do your SLDLs standing on a stepper or something that gets you off the ground some that gives you a greater range of movement and will give you a better stretch. Just be careful to keep your back straight.