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Can't Eat...

Everyone on the board seems to be eating 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per lb. I have a very hard time even getting 1 gram per lb (I weigh 200 at about 12-13% BF). As you can tell, I do not have a stunning metabolism or anything. Even when I have quick digesting meals like Whey Isolate, low fat, and relatively simple carbs, my appetite is just killed. It is not lactose intolerance. Even when I try to very gradually introduce higher amounts of protein I eventually get very bloated. I try to have 6-8 small meals; no help. As I said, I avoid most fats to speed digestion but that only helps to a small degree. I have tried low carb, high fat, high protein but that is worse (although good for dieting). Now I would eat low fiber too, but then I run into problems…a person can’t just eat protein with simple carbs all day long. Anyone else have this problem? Most people seem to have a hard time preventing themselves from eating too much. I feel that I may be limiting gains because of this.

Here you go Chris. Here’s your opportunity to
point this guy to Ironbabes post about Massive
Eating. :slight_smile:

Sounds like our digestion is less then optimal. Try digestive enzymes and see if it helps (best are plant based ones e.g. simulase by tyler)