Can't Eat Eggs

Ive officially decided I cant eat eggs. Today I decided to try something different for breakfast and ate an 8 oz steak in ten minutes without a problem. I usually suffer to down 4 eggs whites!
So I’m going to make a transition to other foods

any recommendations? (for weight loss)

dang… title is deceiving… i thought you were like me… actually allergic to eggs :frowning:

i’m in the opposite boat… what can i use to replace eggs for protein/calories and such

Tuna, chicken breast, ground beef…

For detailed reccomendations, please post your typical diet.

I used to get a breakfast burrito:

4 egg whites
mozzarella cheese

on a whole wheat wrap for breakfast when I go to work early. You could hardly taste the eggs, and it’s a good way to use them as the great protein source they are.

About a year ago I had the same problem you were having; I was just sick of eggs.

I tried making egg burritos in the morning; and that worked for a few weeks…but then I just had to cut myself off from them completely.

Now in the AM I just have a monster shake with milk, oats, 1 raw egg, whey and some fruit.

About 3mo ago I added 4 eggs on as my dinner and it was great! I like having my eggs at night anyways b/c of their fat.