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Can't Drop Cleans/Snatches in Gym


any tips on how to not fuck yourself in the eccentric phase when you go with a huge load near your max?.

thanks, and no I can't go to another gym


No chance mate...at limit it's either you get it, or you stack it. Hard to say. At 80% you can control it more but it's no where near max :frowning:



Find another gym...

Seriously, if you're going for huge loads near your max you're going to have some misses. If you're fighting to not drop a miss you're going to be way more likely to hurt yourself than if you could just let it go. If your gym doesn't allow drops you shouldn't be trying for max weights.


I have this problem right now while abroad. Tried full and partial lifts for a few days and thought I could handle the eccentric if I didn't break past 80% (80, 95) which then turned to 70% but even that got to my shoulders and back. I can tell it just drains my energy levels, too. So I'm just going with 50-60% for speed when I can and so my form doesn't completely fall apart (light lifting is no substitute for 80%+) and focus more on squats to keep my spirits up. I can't wait to get back to the States.
Since you can't go to another gym have you looked into getting your own equipment?


I have sandbag of 75bs and 100lbs at home. And believe(maybe cause Im weak) but cleaning or snatching the lil fucker(the 75lbs one) is fucking hard.

this will be my alternative.