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Can't Donate Blood b/c High Pulse


I tried to donate blood today and can not because my pulse was/is never under 100 bpm. Does anyone know a way around this? I could post what I'm on and why I think I need to donate blood but I am really just looking for a quick answer. Thanks, Nick (KSMAN) - Not my original post, go easy.


Any ideas? Reason:
High Blood Pressure


What are you taking that has your BP and pulse so high ?

Pharmaceutical approach for short term:
Beta Blocker like Bupropion and 25mg xanax.
No caffeine that day.


I didn’t know I had High blood pressure until recently. My guess is it was do to Estrogen build up? 150 mg test cyp and 250iu of HCG EoD or third. I have no blood test to confirm. Sp I ordered a Estrogen blocker and have been taking 12.5mg of Aromasin a day. My blood pressure fell over the last week. I have no recent labs and thought it might be contributing. I can tell you it is not to much test for me as my last test was 541 TT on my peak day. I am not sure what it is doing with the Aromasin, but I feel better and would like to still donate. I took 30mg of valium before I went. I have/had SVT my heart just always rest over 100 and that’s any time of the day. A waiver or someone besides the red cross?


12.5mg aromasin a day is probably too much for 150mg Test per week.
General rule of thumb is 25mg Aromasin per 100mg test per week.

How long have you been on test ?
Are you donating because of high hematocrit ?
It is possible to have therapeutic phlebotomy to relieve the condition, but
it is done with a prescription from your doc.


I factored the hcg in with the test to come up with 12.5mg. If my joints hurt or libido goes down I will drop it maybe to 10mg. Been on test for 9-12 months I don’t remember exactly. I thought of the possibility of high hematocrit and high blood pressure so the attempt was just in case, I am due for labs, if my hematocrit is high I may ask for the therapeutic phlebotomy, is that just to lower the red blood cells?

I have a VA doc and an outside doc. A couple hours after I take the AI my BP seems to fall I don’t know how long until Aromasin reaches a steady state, I am hoping that is it but if not I would just like to donate blood and make things less complicated. Thank you for your advice PNKY my normal blood pressure is 115/75. At the red cross it was 170/110. Ill keep trying to donate in the meantime, maybe take more sedatives. Thanks again, Nick


It can be nerves when you get your BP taken.
I’m always 10 pts higher on both numbers when they take it at a Dr’s office.

The other thing is cuff size.
I gave blood 2 days ago, and they used the regular sized cuff and BP came out at
160/110! The tech than used the larger sized cuff and it was 130/90.


I didn’t think about the cuff size, she could barely push the thing up my arm? I am going to try again and again until I can make this happen. Thank you for the advice.