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Can't Do What I Want To


It's gonna sound bad but hear me out with this one...

I ran Stronglifts 5x5 for 4 weeks exactly like it said with GOMAD (although I had to start off with half gallons because that was a lot of freaken milk). I liked everything about it but my knees just couldn't take it. My job involves a lot of up and down all day long and that cuppled with squatting every session was just too much for my knees. I tried to push through it but it got to the point where they were sore all the time.

I need something basic that I can do but programs I know about so far (5x5, SS) are heavy on the squats. I'm not far enough along for 5-3-1 or I don't want to waste more time. I'm just hoping to get pointed in the right direction.


How about do stronglifts and just squat less and switch to leg press for the days you dont squat


I just do a bodybuilding split using low reps for the big lifts. I've been doing it that way for a little over two years now, and I'm still progressing. It allows you to make changes easily to focus on whatever bodypart you want, and a simple rep-range change can switch your main focus from strength to size or vice versa.


I think Jay has the right idea.


Check your squat form.


This was my first thought as well.


I spend a great deal of time squatting up and down in my job also. In fact I probably end up doing a hundred most days. I'd say knees hurt because of form. Check out this cool video series...



If your knees hurt, you're not doing it right. Try a wider stance with toes pointed more out.


I'm pretty sure it's not form related. I studied every video of SOTYCS and wrote two pages of notes on just about everything Matt Wenning said. Then I started picking things off the list that I was doing wrong. The picture is of a "cheat sheet" I made. I hang it just above eye level right in front of me whenever I squat. My form is no where near perfect, but it's not to bad.

I will play with my stance a little bit and go a bit wider and see what happens. I'm not a huge a fan of bodypart splits because I tend to get over-ambitious with the variety and end up going all over the place. I like Stronglifts because it's just the 5 movements, three days a week. The only thing that changes is the weight.


The 'knees out' part can get you in trouble if your stance is narrow. Your knees should track directly in line with your toes. If they don't, you're putting a twisting stress on the femurs, which puts more stress on the ligaments of the knee. Plus, it's not exactly the strongest position to push from. It's like bench pressing with a narrow grip, elbows flared, and a low contact point. Just as you should keep your elbows directly under your wrists for your biggest bench press, your knees should be directly above your feet for your biggest squat.


Just because you've read how to do it right doesn't mean you're doing it right.


I know. And like I said, I'm still not that great at it. But I video myself and pick apart what I do just about every session. Notes are all I got to go by for now so I'm just doing the best I can with them.


You video yourself just about every session? Post one of the vids then, then people can actually critique it.


Yeah man, that would definitely help. Otherwise its impossible for anyone here to really help you :confused: If anything give you some peace of mind from third person criticism.