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Can't Do Straight Bar Good Mornings

I started using good mornings today. And more than anything just got an insane amount of bar rash. Id done then before with a ssb and it felt ok. But now i train in my garage and don’t have one. The straight bar just feels terrible. The bar rolls around and such. Has anyone else used these to any success? I’m considering just using RDLs or stiff legged pulls instead. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

I don’t really use good mornings on a regular basis, I find that RDLs work better for me, but I have done GMs with a straight bar in the past. You need to hold the bar in place the same way you would (or at least should) when squatting, pull it into your upper back and engage your lats.

While these should be in your training they can not replace a good morning. Totally different movement patterns/joint angles and muscle loads.

As @chris_ottawa said you have to really work on staying tight but it should be doable.

If you can’t safely keep the bar in position then I would say don’t do them but try to get proficient with them if you can.

I wore a hoodie back when I would do them for max effort work. Helped some.

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Thanks y’all. I’ll give them another shot and focus on keeping tight. And worst case wear a sweatshirt.

Also keep in mind that there are a lot of guys that don’t use GMs as a main movement, but instead just as a sort of maintenance movement. I’ve heard of guys pushing GMs a main movements up into the 600+ lbs range, realize they were doing more harm than good, and change to doing sets of 10+ with no more than 225 after their main work.

Then there’s Westside where 99% of the max effort shit they do is a GM… so who knows…

Yeah I’d planned on using them as a supplemental exercise for sets of 8-12.

I prefer them as accessory though using them as ME every couple months is always interesting.