Can't Do More Reps for Bicep Curls

Last week I started ppl and I just finished my last day for the second week but the problem is that I feel like it’s made it harder to do more reps and since last week I haven’t been able to do more than 8 reps while doing bicep curls despite only increasing weight by 2.5 lb each at the beginning of the first week. So I’m just kinda lost right now and any help would be appreciated.

Without knowing what rep scheme, progression model or weights you are using its pretty imposible to have any insight.

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Have you gained weight and not been able to increase reps?

Rest-Pause is the answer you’re looking for

If you couldn’t progress after the first week, you didn’t Recover and Gain. Were you arms still sore?

Maybe your weights were too heavy or you did too many sets, and you beat your biceps too much. Or maybe your biceps like higher reps, like 15 per set., instead of 8.

What did your workout look like?

It’s a biceps curl and one week. Maybe you have progressed, even significantly, but the percentage increase of the tiny (relatively speaking) amount of weight in a curl isn’t enough to yield a full rep or next DB.


I pushed my arms from 13.5" untrained to 17.75" about 12 years later and I still usually curl in the 35-45lb range for less than 20 reps.

Damn, those kids in high school saying they could curl 50s were SUPER strong!

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