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Can't do massive eating?


I usually eat a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet all year round. I have gotten so used to it I can usually lose fat by cutting cals, and gain muscle by upping cals. I feel most comfortable with this type of eating. Here is my question: I started a Mag-10 cycle on Monday. Just to get used to massive eating, I started eating P+C, and P+F meals on Saturday. Well by Monday night I felt like shit. I had no energy to work out. My muscles started to ache. Mentally I was in LaLa land with a minor headache. I had no energy or desire to train. My guess is that my body could not handle all the carbs. I want to take full advantage of the Mag-10. How can I eat to gain muscle without feeling this way. Will ALA help? I read that Alessi has a mass diet that incorporates just protein and fat. 25 cals per pound. He also recommends timed carb ups during the week in his 8 weeks to ripped article. My father and grandfather are diabetic so I'm hoping that I'm not. I have alot of questions here. Any help, very much appreciated. Thanks.


I definitely wouldn't go straight from a keto diet to Massive Eating. You need some sort of transition.


Agreed....your body is used to using Ketones for energy instead of carbs. You need to slowly transition to eating carbs again.


when i eat a fat carb meal with ala i sleep for hours after, real deep sleep too.


How long should I reintroduce carbs into my body? Can I gain muscle on Mag-10 with carbs only after workout?


I believe you could get good result with MAG-10 while using a low-carb diet. I tried the exact same thing back in February and gained 9 pounds. Which is very comparable to the three other MAG-10 cycle I did while using massive eating type diet.

I use the one workout a day growth surge protocol and increased my calories from 2,200 to about 3,500. I also took in about 100G of carbs on days I workout by drinking a full serving of Surge while working out, and another afterward. By doing this, I never experienced any blood sugar crash.

On days I don't workout, I only get in about 50G of carbs from vegetables.

So if you don't feel like taking a month off to get your body used to carbs. This might be a good way to go.


JohnnyLee, I think I will take your advice. Looks like a good plan. I'll have all my carbs post workout and about an hour after. One question though, why did you take surge during workout? Does it increase workout intensity? From what I read, Surge could cause a hypoglycemic state, especially if low carbing. How much fat gain using this approach? Minimal I would think.


read "Solving The Post Workout Puzzle"....that will answer all your questions pertaining to Surge. You are Waaaaaaay off in your rationale. Just do a search by typing in the title and it should pop up. Read up my man.....;o)


I pickup the sipping on Surge while working out tip from one of John Berardi's article. I personally love it. I usually have a hard time getting a pump while on a low carb diet and my stamina also isn't as strong. By drinking Surge while working out, my pumps are great and my endurance is greatly increased. I also seem to recover even faster then just drinking it afterward.

Everyone's different, but it's work great for me. While dieting, I still do the same, expect I only drink 1/2 serving of surge during workout and 1/2 afterward. Try it for a few weeks and see if you like it too.


Where is this Alessi article on "8 weeks to ripped?"

I can't find it in the archives.


JL- thanks once again. Sounds solid. Now I remember reading that info from Berardi.

The Don Alessi is an old Iron Dog article, and it is Ripped in 8 Weeks.


check out this article about gaining lean mass while eating high fat/protein diet:


eat like a man part I

there's an eat like a man part II but mostly it's just anecdotal evidence etc. but a fun read anyway.

i plan to try it next month. i too don't do well on high carby foods. i don't gain a lot of weight but i feel like crap. good luck!


If you have diabetes in your immediate family and you have a low tolerance for a higher carb diet then do yourself a favor and get tested.

Up until recently I was on a lower carb, moderate calorie diet for the last several years. Switched to Massive Eating for bulk and discovered that I am mild type 2.