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Can't Discuss Employment Agency at New Job

This message will self destruct in 5,4,3,2,1

Good day my fellow T Nationers, GorillaMon here, I’ve just received a rather strange e mail regarding my work situation & thought I’d run it by ya’ll to see what you think/experiences are with this kinda thing.

The situation! Basically I have been out paid of employment for a long-long time (due to mental health issues, I had few psychotic episodes a while back) & have just recently secured employment though an agency I’ll for or legal reasons refer to as the ‘Shadows’. The Shadows have told me via e mail that if I reveal I am from the shadows I will basically be marched off site (I’ll be working at a major supermarket we shall call ‘MotherGoose’). Now, I assume the reason Mother goose doesn’t want me to reveal I’m from the shadows is because Mothergoose wants to distance itself from the fact I’m actually also from the facilitators (the facilitators are a company that works specifically with people with major barriers to employment like mental health issues & criminal convictions).

Part of me is really, really chuffed that I’ll be getting at least some work (if only for just before Christmas) & another part of me feels like about to walk into a rather odd situation as soon as I arrive at ‘Mothergoose’).

Any thoughts…spill it!!!

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Yeah man, um, I’m not really sure what that was all about and was deciding whether or not it needed to be posted.

If I translate it correctly: You got a new job through some kind of placement agency, but the agency doesn’t want you actually telling people that you used the agency because they’re known for placing ex-cons and people with mental health issues. Something like that?

Definitely sounds shady. Ha, wait… shady, Shadows. I get it now.


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Yup, that’s the situation, maybe I could of explained it more clearly…it all just feels a bit James Bond in a super-shady kinda way.

Maybe they (the agency) is trying to protect you since they have a reputation for hiring people with certain mental health issues, and they don’t want your employer to treat you differently.


This. The company employing you isn’t allowed to share with your coworkers/managers etc… anything about your mental problems or medical history. The secrecy is to keep you from bringing a HIPPA related suit. So the managers don’t tell your coworkers anything about your back story to CYA.

You shouldn’t tell your coworkers either.

You could be right, it just doesn’t seem that way to me…just wondering how common this kind of practice is.

It’s kinda like, Don’t ask, Don’t tell, instead of full open discussion. Or only drug testing people who get hurt on the job, not like regular/random tests.

If nobody brings up these uncomfortable issues, there are no problems for the higher ups to worry about, and try to solve with rules and policy.

I worked through a labor placement company for a little while. They preferred that we didn’t discuss wages and whatnot, mainly to avoid the “you’re paying so-and-so $$$” type stuff, which everybody promptly did.

The only way I can see it being a real problem is if there is a pre-existing labor or staffing agreement that this may violate.

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Congrats on getting the job! Now be thankful you’ve got it and be sure to keep your mouth shut so you don’t fuck it up for yourself.


Well… since employers and employees are not allowed to mention it, and people honor that because they don’t want to lose their job, I don’t have any idea.