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Can't Dip or Pull-up


good method to be able to gain strength to do these

negative for pullups
and spotter to assist

but what for dips besides a spotter?

im helping out a tiny girl who never strength trained before and she wants to be able to do both...


Do you have an assisted dip/pull-up machine where you guys workout?


Negative-only repetitions for dips should work just as fine as they do for pull-ups. You can also search for “elastic band assisted pull up” and apply the same idea to dips.


You can do negatives for dips as well, just get a stool or something to get up then slowly go down. If you belong to a gym, they may have assisted dips and pullup machines.


When i used to go to a gym there was a machine for assisted dips, the more weight stacked on the machine the easier they were and you could obviously slowly make it harder until no assistance is needed.

Alternatively, hands on a bench, legs in squat position, then she will only be having to raise the upper body and give some assistance with her legs if required. From there she can obviously increase the weight by putting her legs out, up etc etc… until the strength is there to manage a standard dip.


doing pushups or negative dips


sorry, didnt mean to repeat, no replies when i started typing.