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Can't Dial In Anastrolzole, Swollen Feet

Hello guys,

Ive been having a real problem trying to dial in my Anastrozole, or at least I think that’s my problem. Honestly, for about 3 years I havent been able to get dialed in. In general, my labs are on target, and I take good care of my self, but I need a fresh opinion and my doc isnt any help…surprise.

I’ve always respected the opinions offered here, so I though I would share my challenge and see if anyone has a fresh opinion.

17ml/34mg T Cyp EOD Sub-Q


AI (Anastrozole) as needed

DHEA 40mg daily

Pregnenolone 100mg Daily

On TRT for 3 years

59 years old

Labs: Most Recent March 4, 2015

TT 967ng/dl Range 348-1197
Test Bioavailable: 601 Range 95-285
Estradiol Sen 9 Range 5-66
Progesterone 1.0 Range 0.2-1.5
TSH 2.91 Range 0.47-4.68
T-3 2.9 Range 1.7-3.7
T-4 0.9 Range 0.9 0.8-2.2
DHEA S04 180 49-362

Lab 2 December 2014

TT 867 250-1100
FT 198.2 35-155
DHEA So 158 25-240
TSH 1.04 0.40-4.50
T-4 1.2 0.08-1.8
T-3 3.3 2.3-4.2
Estradiol 30 Range < 39

The main problems I’ve been having, like many of us on TRT low libido and ED. I can’t understand it, and in an effort to feel better I’ve tried playing with my Estradiol level to see if locking in to the mid twenty’s is where I need to be, or if like some say, a ratio is better 14-20. Example: 1000 TT / by 14-20 would have a ratio range of 50-71.4.

3/2015 Estradiol 9
2/2015 Estradiol 19.8
4/2015 Estradiol 57.8

None of these cores helped my situation. Additionally, a few days ago I noticed that my right foot was swollen which according my reading is a sure sign Estradiol is very high. However, that morning when I woke up I was actually feeling pretty good for me. ED was better, and I was a little horny, a few hours later I noticed my swollen foot.

I took .25 Anastrozole and what sexual benefits I was starting to experience disappeared about 2 hours after the Anastrozole, I don’t understand.

Like most of us I assume my core problem is keeping estradiol in balance but no matter how much I try, don’t seem to get dialed in. I’ve even gone to the extent of “liquefying” Anastrozole to dial in a tighten dose.

I’ve also been suspicious of my Thyroid and perhaps adrenals

Any thoughts you guys may have would be greatly appreciated.



TSH swings from 2.9 to 1.04.
That is bogus.
Have you added iodine to diet or switch to iodized salt?
Any selenium in your vitamins?

250iu hCG EOD is normally suggested. Why 400iu? Some have T–>E2 issues inside their testes with hCG. Try 200 and see if you are better balanced.

Have you read these stickies? [there are 7]

  • advice for new guys
  • thyroid basics
    – check your body temperatures!!!

fT3 and fT4 are a better indicator that T3, T4

Hello KS Man,

Thank you for the response, I appreciate it. Yes Iodine Nascent was added to my should I continue?

I got on 400IU EOD HCG as a recommendation from my doctor at Defy Medical.

Ok, I’ll try 200IU EOD HCG

Do you think the swollen foot is E2 related?

Thanks again for taking the time to help!

Some get bloated with E2, but only one foot suggests that things are not that simple. So I don’t have an answer and not sure what the question is ;}

[quote]Thomtst wrote:

3/2015 Estradiol 9
2/2015 Estradiol 19.8
4/2015 Estradiol 57.8

None of these cores helped my situation. [/quote]

If that’s the case, I’m wondering if it’s something other that E2. Also weird that only one foot would swell. When I was having trouble dialing in E2, I basically drove it down temporarily (0.875 mg/week of Letrozole). Then I waited for the joint clicks on a chest day, and that told me I was low and could slowly decrease AI to hit it right. Probably not ideal, but it’s difficult for me to distinguish symptoms of high E2 with low E2; except for the joint clicks, they always indicate I’m low.
Are you on any other medication? Especially SSRIs? Sorry to keep bringing up SSRIs, but they’re one of the most commonly prescibed meds today, and they can mess with your libido if you don’t have anything to flip that around.
Good luck

Hey guys, thanks for the responses. Regarding the swollen foot it has passed and It’s fine now. I guess it was something unrelated. As far as SSR’s go I have never had the need, and for meds in general only my TRT protocol.

T-Cyp, HCG and Anastrozole.

Can anyone tell me if that low TSH score of 1.04 is significant, regarding TRT response? I did supplement with Nacent Iodine which brought my TSH score up to 2.91 (TSH range.47-4.68)which KS Man picked right up on. I was wondering if I should continue the iodine. Perhaps it will support the adrenals?

As always, thank you for your time and assistance!

TSH works the other way around than it seems you’re thinking: lower is better.

Please discontinue high dose iodine use (over 1 mg per day): it can be harmful. High intake over time can cause hypothyroidism rather than help it. Yes there are those who advocate it but there are those who advocate anything that can be imagined.

If, as would be reasonable, you’re undecided on credibility between those authors and myself (at most it should be used for a very brief time if ever), then please check the articles on the site. There, under “Diet and Fat Loss,” you’ll find a thyroid article which provides multiple references, very large and convincing studies, on this point. Then compare the information in those studies with the “basis” of the multi-milligram advocates and come to your own conclusion!