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Cant decide

Ok as we all are very fully aware no shirts season is right around the corner. My dilemma is not knowing what approach to take. Either the standard 40/30/30 mixed meals approach and its derivatives or a modified dieting version of Berardi’s Massive Eating program. Normally Id just add in some fat to lower the GI but we’ve all been reeducated on that practice. My concern is finding somewhat low GI carbs. I generally dont eat fruit on a diet even though it is low glycemic and am not a fan of yams. Oatmeal is in for certain and rice is the next most convenient for me in terms of meal planning but I know it has a high Insulin Index. I want to try this modified version but I think Im over worrying about some rice for an early meal. Also would you stick with the 40/30/30 approach? or go lower carbs? TIA!!

I would do the Massive Eating plan with reduced calorie level. I think it is an awesome program. As for low insulin index carbs besides oatmeal try: All Bran cereal, apples, oranges, berries, etc. If you have rice at a carb + protein meal I wouldn’t imagine there would be a problem. Did you plan to do 3 carb/protein meals and 3 fat/protein meals or what? Do you know if you have good insulin sensitivity?

Cougar, thanks for the reply. I was actually planning on doing 7 meals per day. On training days Ill do 4 pro/carb and 3 pro/fat and on off days Ill do 3 pro/carb and 4 pro/fat. I had my morning sugar tested by a glucometer to be 3.5 (in canadian units)which my doctor said is a good value. Im aware it doesnt tell the whole story. So you would go ahead and eat fruit on your diet? Ive habitually stayed away from it while dieting. TIA!!


3.5 is a good value for fasting blood sugar. This means you have an awesome insulin sensitivity. This appears that 50/35/15 will work best for you. Everybody with high insulin sensitivity is lucky because most of your food will be carbs which are a lot cheaper than protein sources. Just to make sure if you have a high sensitivity, make an appointment with your physician and ask for a fasting insulin test (refer to massive eating).
I, myself, being a Chinese and slightly insulin unsensitive made me hard at first not to eat rice. However, i am getting used to it now. I eat 8 meals a day. 3 c+p and 5 p+f. I am a student with a summer off. This will make the program possible. I can’t imagine if i work or have classes.

Chris…sounds like you’ve got things planned out pretty well. I wouldn’t worry too much about the rice. I eat white rice like a beast–my steamer gets action everyday–but I’m trying to get my bulk on. Anyway, I’m pretty sure JB even gave white rice the good-to-go signal. As far as the fruit, the good John Parillo would give it a red light when trying to get shredded. He also gives the ax to dairy products. In the end, it’s up to you. BTW, I used the principles of Massive Eating for a couple weeks at below maintenance calories and leaned out about as low as I’ve ever been.

Yeah, I would and do eat fruit on a dieting phase. It has gotten a bad rap recently. Check out cy wilson’s article on the site called “The forbiden fruit”. For a good explaination about why fruit is good for bodybuilding.