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Can't Decide on HCG


I've been on HRT for a year now and I've finally found the right doc and my T levels and E2 levels are finally dialed in, overally I feel really good.

One thing that I do notice is that if my wife and I are "active" at least two to three times during the week by the second and definitely third day I start to feel a little worn out. It's not physical but more mentally drained. I could go every day if she wanted to but mentally I feel burnt out, almost symptomatic. I did some reading on HCG and was wondering if producing my own testosterone and supporting pregnelone production would help me at all with this issue.

Anybody experience this and resolve it? If so how? Any other suggestions?


Would be interested in more info on this topic as well. I’m on Androgel, and experience something pretty similar. You can perform OK, but afterwards you can feel pretty wrecked. Recovery time is definitely not what it was back when I was producing my own T…


Most report an enhanced sense of well being with hCG. Whether it is pregnolone or some other mechanism isn’t really known. I would think that the pregnolone in conjunction with a higher T would certainly help - the hCG will keep your boys performing.

I know I certainly feel better when I use it rather than without.


Any of this the same as your other threads?


yea same threads , sorry about so many threads, on my search for a doc., went to “bodylogic”, dr varrano, in the philly area, he agreed on two 50mg of test. per week,and then he suggested pre mixed,hgc send from a Ca. compounding phar. , i said doesn’t hcg have to be kept cold?, he was clueless about hcg , i said what about E2 control, he says take zinc and cyrsin , that will be all you need for E2 control, he said come back in 4 months and we’ll check your blood work again for $450, i said no thanks, hard to find a doc. in the northeast