Can't Deadlift for Awhile. What Should I Do Instead?

So after a less than stellar visit with the orthopedic doctor yesterday to address some severe back pain, the result of which turned out to be a pinched sciatic nerve (could be worse I suppose), I have been instructed to lay off deadlifting for awhile until I get my core strength up and let my back heal. I was prescribed a steroid and told to lose some belly fat.

I am now on a new mission to lose weight. I am going to clean up my diet and eat a little less and focus heavily on core strength and conditioning to get in better shape as i am overweight.

My question is: what would be the best way to go about this in terms of my 5/3/1 template? I am currently working my way through a 6 week BBB template. Should i stick with that and substitute deads for something else or switch to a different perhaps more applicable template?

Thanks for the help, guys.

easiest answer ever.

Do what doesn’t hurt. You are the only one that can answer that.

5 Pro’s with FSL seems to be the go to template for recovery. Start with a low TM.

Good luck

That is exactly what I was thinking. Thanks.

Try trap bar deads. That movement is a bit less stressful on the lower back due to the path the bar travels. Per Mr. Wendler, this is the ONLY alternative to straight bar deads.