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Can't Button the Top Button on a Dress Shirt


What do you do in this situation? I'm worried that once I get out of college I still won't be able to button the top button on my dress shirts, my neck is thick as hell. Those of you that have this problem, what do you do?


I just either leave the top button undone without caring or cover the fact it hasn't been done up with the knot of my tie. If you are dead set on having it done get your shirt's tailored. But it really isn't something I would lose sleep over.


Lose weight or get bigger shirts and/or get shirts tailored. Really, is it that hard to figure out?

Also, I would like to see a picture of this huge neck.


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buy a shirt thats the right size?


Bingo. Or just wear a tie with the top undone button undone, it's a style thing so it's not like anyone going to say something.


I think the combination of your name being Houston Texan and you being a part of the class that is made of double fail (you failed at being the most failing class, but you still fail more than everyone else besides '09).

But since you are retarded I'll help you, because obviously your 'college' is horrible on the whole critical thinking skills. If your neck is too big for your shirt, go buy a bigger shirt. And if you really need to get a bigger neck on your shirts, go to a tailor. Is this not obvious?


Oh wait, is this like the thing where you can't fit into your pants because your 27" thighs are HUYGEEE?!?!?!


Thank you so much!


My shirts do fit perfectly everywhere except the neck, it's lame.


The funny part about this thread is that I imagine that's you in your avatar.


Aaaah, it is a shame they don't size those shirts by neck size. I swear, the first person to figure that out will be a millionaire.


If anyone actually fits into standard mainstream dress shirts perfectly then you haven't worked out that bodybuilding thing yet :wink:


First time I had to wear a dress shirt after beginning lifting was all the end of the year ceremonies for HS... needless to say, I was business casual - top button undone, no tie every time.

Figured why get shirts, I've only just begun to grow.


Hey guyz ... my pants are too tight ... what do i do!??!??!?!?!?!? My thighs are too thick!?!??!?!!?!?!?!?!? HELPALZLALWEIGNOIDNFIOJHNERLN


Yup - seems simple enough to me.


you mean they have other sizes besides L and XL( cauae when you're swole, you have to get that XL) and shirts with measurements on the package?

Bullshit. Another reason to hate you, lying about shirts.


Unless you're saying you can't fit into an 18.5" neck shirt, then just get a bigger size and have it tailored so it doesn't look like you're wearing bed sheets.


What a vexing conundrum you have on your hands there...

"Neck size on shirt too small". We could assemble the greatest minds on the planet and still not find an answer to this. It's like Fermat's Last Theorem times one hundred.