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Can't Bulk on 3200 Calories. Advice?

Hi guys. I need your advice, because im bulking by the beginning of November. I started in April with 63.4 kg. The problem is that until today, when I weighed on the empty stomach, I put only 0.4 kg (63.8).
I eat 3200 kcal, I will train from monday on 5/3/1 bbb.
What advice can you give me?

That’s how I eat one day

breakfast - 150g oatmeal, 25g pb, 2 apples - 868 kcal

Meal 2 - 300g potatoes with 3 eggs and vegetables + one apple — 818 kcal

meal 3- rice 50g, chicken breast 200g + broccoli 500 kcal

meal 4-pork with vegetables up to 3200 kcal

2 months 3200 kcal ---- 0,4 kg.

what can I do, by November I would have wanted at least 70 kg …
I try to avoid sodium and gluten, because i have puffy nipples from them…

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