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Can't Build Muscle Just Order It.


Talk about an entrepreneur. I can see the future of bodybuilding now.

"21 inch arms, one for $5 two for $9"


I a assume that there is supposed to be some sort of point to this post, I am just not sure what it is!


I'll play along...

How in the hell do you suggest one could ever get that kinda thing?

I mean, shit, you already can if you wanna synthol yourself there.


Nevermind this post, don't know what the hell I was thinking. Supposed to be a link but it doesn't matter it would still suck. Sorry


Boooooo this man.


Go home!




I agree.

I think.




It would be really funny if this ended up being one of the larger posts on T-Nation.


I notice that there's a negative correlation between the usefulness of a thread and its length.


Could it also be stated, then, that there is an inverse relationship between the validity of the thread and its length? lol


whats goin on?


hmmm i think someone has been smoking those "funny cigarettes"




How about the wheels?


So, y'all here lift weights or somethin'?


I agree about the funny cigs.


At least he didn't try to blame a fictional little brother for going on his name.


How much for a size 11.5 shoe?