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Can't Bench Press

Recently ive been experiencing some pain at the junction of my delt and pec and kinda through my armpit… i can tell it is from benching as this is the lift that seems to aggravate it.

I am currently doing the Waterbury method( http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=534922) and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what to replace the benching with in this routine… pretty sure flys and pushups aren’t going to work either

i had been experiencing a slight discomfort for several weeks and it has begun to get a little worse… so im trying to catch it before it gets worse

Although I didn’t have the same pain, when I was unable to BB press I was able to DB press. Can you still DB press without pain?

then stop upper body. See if dips hurt also not as much of a chest exercise. Get a massage and stretch out your upper body.

Are you tucking your elbows when you press?
Try taking a wider grip when you squat.

Try some variations. Incline, decline and flat bench. Elbows in and elbows out. DB and BB. Bench press and floor press. Do any of those feel OK or at least better than others?

Just passing on the advice I got when I arrived on this board. For me personally floor presses work with no problems whatsover even though I can’t even bench 100 pounds without serious pain.

Floor press, 2-3 board or foam press.

I had the same thing…I stopped all upper body work for two weeks and then fixed my form on the bench press. I also stopped doing weighted dips on a regular basis. Taking two weeks off was the best thing I did.

You may think I’m nuts, but try pressing dumbbells on a ball.

Use DBs instead of a BB.

Check this out:

thanks for all the advice… also horatio that article was very helpful

Yeah I haven’t BB Bpress in years. just pick another press like floor press (a very good one IMHO). Plus with floor press you can (If you just can’t stop) use a flared elbow grip without worrying about impingement (likely what you have).


Here’s a good article by King that’s in the “Must Read” column.

i use to have a messed up shoulder and doing bench was killing it the worst. what i did was i stopped working out chest & back and i ONLY worked out bis, tris, shoulder, and legs. during this all i did was higher reps (12-15) and LOW weights.

i made sure not to do any intense workout cuz every 4th day id rehit that muscle and i think i only did it for a few weeks. now my shoulder is good and no more pains.

or you can take deca im sure that will fix your problem right away.

BB BenchPress is the most injury prone exercise of the basic lifts.

I personally don’t fool with it.

I skipped through all the responses so I am just writing you my thoughts.
I dont even bother benching anymore because I dont stimulate my chest enough with it. And also because I get the worst pain in my shoulder as well.

I stick to DB’s where you can control the plain of motion thats best for YOUR body.
I noticed when I DB press they tend to be a little bit more closer gripped which takes stress off my shoulder and places it on the chest and tris.

If your a bodybuilder, find movements that work for you and target the muscle you are trying to hit. Just because everyone benches doesnt mean you have to.

^^^Good advice here, much of the fun lies in finding out what works best for you. My body seems to prefer weighted dips, weighted pushups and only occasional DB bench work.