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Can't Believe I'm Doing This...



Age: 24yo
Height: 168cm
Weight: 70kg
Years lifting: On and off for a few years (<5yr). Never really stuck to a program, just did what I felt like whenever. Never touched any gear or supplements other than protein powder. All lifts and training are done raw, no-no-no fashion.
Squat: 150kg
Bench: 100kg
Dead: 170kg
MP: 70kg
P/C: 85kg
Jerk: 82.5kg
Box Jump: 102.5cm
Training log: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/blog_sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_log/ghostys_training_log


-An upperbody that looks like I train... at least 16inch arms
-By the time I'm 30yo (6yr away) I'd like to be a lean, fit and strong 80-90kg bodyweight
-Bench 100kg for reps
-Squat 140kg for reps
-deadlift 180kg for reps
-Military press 75kg
-C&J 100kg
-120cm box jump

Roughly what I try and stick to during the week (biggest problem for me is missing meals)

7am - Meal 1 - breakfast
3 whole eggs with touch of milk, scrambled
1 slice whole grain bread, toasted, with peanut butter
1 piece of fruit
1 protein shake (34g protein, 3g carbs)
5g fish oil
1 multivitamin
1g vitamin c (with water)

9.00am - coffee, 2 sugars

10am - Meal 2 - Morning Tea
1 protein shake (34g protein, 3g carbs)
30g almonds
5g fishoil

12.30pm - Meal 3 - Lunch
200g tuna, portion of steamed veg
400ml full cream milk
5g fishoil

3.30pm - Meal 4 - Afternoon Tea
1 protein shake (34g protein, 3g carbs)
30g almonds
5g fishoil

4.30pm - 1g vitamin c (with water)

6.30pm - Meal 5 - Dinner
whatever my mum makes (solid plate of home cooked food)

10pm - Meal 6 - Nightcap
250-500g cottage cheese, (depends how full I am from dinner)
30g almonds
5g fish oil

Things I need to work on

-Consistent eating
-Consistent sleeping
-Consistent training
...I guess all the above could just be defined as 'discipline'..


Back 1


Back 2


Back 3


Legs - front


Legs - back


Whole body - front


Front - relaxed


You def. do roids. Why you gotta lie man?


Quads are looking pretty good.


Good quads


I'm guessing you said that because he stated he's natty? I'm pretty sure it was mentioned in the RMP rules thread to state if one is natty or not.


This is the only reason I mentioned it.


you sure love almonds.


Convenient source of EFA's


What makes you believe this guy uses? I see nothing physically that points towards AAS use at all. He looks natty. And im too lazy to read any log-maybe I missed something.


Pretty sure he was taking the piss, (I hope), but if he wasn't, I'm kind of dumbfounded at how someone could honestly think a 70kg male with 13" arms is on gear...lol


Jesus...it's a joke. If someone asks incredulously if a guy is "natty", it is because the guy is definitely not built enough to lead anyone to believe that they have ever taken steroids, thus making the statement orginal statement of being natural an obvious and pointless proclamation.

It's not so funny when someone has to explain it.

OP, you have an interesting physique. Most of the time you see guys with built (relatively) upper bodies and stick legs. You are somewhat the opposite. Your legs are pretty impressive, but your upper body is pretty flat by comparison to your wheels.


Don't be a douche.


When I first started training, like everyone I just wanted bigger arms/chest etc, people told me to squat, so I did. Bodyweight went from 50kg to 70kg, not much change in upperbody (despite still training bench/curls/rows etc) but my legs grew. I'm guessing(/hoping lol) in the next 10-20kg of weight gain my upperbody will start to catch up as I get stronger and can move more weight in bench?

This is what my training looks like:
Monday - PPP Squat, dumbbell curls, seated cable rows
Wednesday - PPP Bench, dumbbell curls, seated cable rows
Friday - PPP Deadlift, dumbbell curls, seated cable rows
Saturday - PPP Military Press, dumbbell curls, seated cable rows

I'm focusing on squat, bench, dead, military press which I do once a week on the Progressive Poundage Program (http://www.ptcfrankston.com/progressivepoundageprogram.html), and then after that I do 3-6 sets of dumbbell curls and 5-10 sets of seated cable rows every session to try and bring up the lagging bodyparts.