Can't afford GROW, will Designer Protein suffice until I can?

I am ordering Hot Rox along with Surge and plan on doing the T-Dawg diet.
My question is will Designer Protein be an acceptable protein powder, until I can scrounge up enough cash for the low carb GROW? What seperates GROW from other protein powders on the market?
I appreciate any advice you can give me. I’ve been lurking on this board for a couple years and find it very informative.


Front the difference in the Designer an the Grow is the quality and varied type of protien used.

The Designer protein consist of a mix of Whey concentrate and whey isolate. It doesnt say how much of each either so most likely the cheap whey concentrate is in the majority. Also the total protein you are getting is 17g per serve.

Where as the Grow doesn’t contain the cheaper versions of whey and also has casein and milk isolate. So you are getting a quality blend of proteins that are digested at different rates. Also you are getting 20g per serving all of which is quality.

So not only are you getting more protein of higher quality, the higher quality protein is better used by your body. Check out the BV’s of proteins.

I would say spend the extra few $ on the Grow. A quality protein pdr should be high on your supplement list. It should be used when higher amounts of quality protein is needed and not as a replacement for real food. Real food should make up the majority of your daily needs.

Hope that helps,


Danny, truth be told, you don’t even NEED protein powder or an MRP. Get your protein from whole-food sources and you’ll be just fine; chicken, steak, eggs, fish, lean ground beef, turkey, etc.

Sometimes I’m able to meet my protein requirements more cheaply with some LC Grow than from another whole-food protein source; shrimp, steak, Boar’s Head deli meat.

What separate Grow from other protein powders? Taste and quality. I’ve yet to run across a protein powder I like better. And when you’re dieting, taste really starts to count for something.

Good luck on your diet!!! Hot Rox rocks!!! (grin)

The Grow will taste a whole lot better, but you’ll be okay if you can get a cheap deal on the Designer for now. Mix with some cottage cheese to add casein. A blend is usually better for times other than post workout.

I prefer the taste and mixability of Optimum Nutrtition over Designer. Nothing beats Grow however.

Thats exactly what I was going to ask. If mixing some cottage cheese would make up for some of the difference in quality.

I plan on starting T-Dawg after a 14 day run on Fat Fast. I am currently 220-ish (5’10") and I estimate my bodyfat around 25% so I have some work ahead of me.

Another question. Is SURGE worth the money?

Thanks for the replies guys.

If dieting,and eating pretty bland then YES surge is very worth it due to it tasting so good,its like a treat!

“Is Surge any good?”


Let me put it to you like this, you could likely replace Grow with another good quality protein and shave off a few bucks, but you can’t skimp on the Surge.

There has been thread after thread on this topic, just do a search.

Personally I’m such a baby about it now that if I don’t have Surge I throw a fit and won’t go lift. I use it according to JB’s lattest recommendations (1 scoop Surge, 1 scoop gatorade, 5g creatin, 1 litre water durign workout, then I slam another immediately after). Also eat an orange or two an hour before training for vit C.

Not only are my gains improved significantly, but my soreness is limited if non existant, I may feel sore a day and a half after the workout for an hour or so but after that it’s gone.

FYI I’ve tried a few Surge clones that were less than 5 bucks cheaper, and nada!

FRONTFACELOCK, yes, it’s worth the money. There’s some solid science behind its design. Check out John Berardi’s article, Solving the Post Workout Puzzle," I & II.

Surge is a good addition, and for most people who’ve used it a must. Maybe cut costs on protein by using food, which is a good idea anyway.

Do a search for Surge feedback.

After you add the cost of the cottage cheese you are going to need to spike the designer protein you could have bought the grow.

Surge is worth the buy. I have seem it refered as a # of ppls top supplement.

We use both Grow and Bioplex’s line of protein powder. Both are exceptional.

If $$ is an issue, you can easily use maltodextrin and dextrose in place of Surge. Malto and dextrose can be purchased at “make your own beer” shops. Pretty inexpensive.

We do this, too. We mix malto/dextrose into our protein powder and we’re good to go.

All in all: all supps, even Surge and protein powder are just that: supplements. Get your diet in line first - that’s whats more important.

If I bought only one supplement, it would be Surge. My recovery is marginal at best, horrible when dieting, and I now hate to face post-workout without Surge. When we recently ran out of Surge, you’d have thought we’d run out of toilet paper. You know a supp is good when you don’t want to run out of it!

Tip: Go ahead and get the el cheapo protein powder, then get one tub of Grow! Mix them in whatever ratio you want. The Grow! will bump up the quality and improve the flavor of the cheap stuff, and the cheap stuff will stretch your dollar.

“Real” food is always a great suggestion, but pretty tough to get in sometimes with work, family stuff, school, etc. Like today I was under deadline with one article, editing two others, conducting a phone interview, had to get my OVT workout in, go to my martial arts class, take my daughter to her activities and about a dozen small things to boot. So two of my meals today were MRPs. Beats skipping meals or grabbing fast food.

The best protein I have ever had, taste wise, is ProLab Pure Whey Chocolate. It tastes just like chocolate milk when mixed with skim milk. I mix it with water now since I’m trying to cut out dairy. But when mixed with skim, its unbelievable.

I’ve never tried it myself but I’ve heard good things about optimum whey protein, I myself buy el cheapo protein. But I’m going to buy surge soon I think.

I do what Chris suggested often and I buy 1 can of grow and a cheap protein and mix them together.

Surge is a great product and the taste is incredible. It’s my #1 supplement.