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Can't Activate Certain Muscles


i'm 32 male and currently on TRT. I noticed about 6-8 months ago that my right arm was always about 2-3 repetitions lagging to my left (i'm right handed btw). Didn't think too much of it until last month when i experienced a huge loss of strength in the right arm to the point of almost 50-70%. I saw a sports medicine doctor who ordered a cervical spine MRI and told me from the looks of it a vertebrae is pushing on the spinal cord and send me to neurosurgeon, she also gave me anti inflammatory steroids prednezone which i took for the 6 days in case a nerve is pinged i guess.

The neurosurgeon examined the MRI and said no surgery req everything looks good even his colleague confirmed the same they even ran some body weight tests (push and pull while holding my arm) on me and he said the strength seems to b equal on both sides and it must have been a nerve or inflammation. He asked me to go back to the gym ( i took off for 1 month just to b safe) and resume my normal lifestyle. Well i went back in today and the problem is clearly still there, i even noticed the pectoral muscle seems to b effected as well now which i had not noticed before. Within the 1st to 2nd exercise i just cannot ACTIVATE the right bicep/tricep/pectoral muscle in comparison to the left.

Once home the arm feels very sluggish and tired as if i had worked it out for almost an entire day straight. Even typing this my right hand feels lazy. The best way to explain is: imagine someone asked u to pose for a bodybuilding show but u just couldn't flex that muscle, that is what i am going through! What could b the issue? I will mention about 2 years ago i was diagnosed via MRI with a labrum tear in my right shoulder ( the problem side) but always managed to work around the problem by tucking in the elbows when benching and so forth. It does hurt occasionally. When i brought this up to the neurosurgeon he ruled it out in his opinion.
Please help any advise would help, the right arm is getting smaller (atrophy) to the point now were even others r noticing it.

I'm obviously going back to c him again but in the meanwhile i would appreciate some feedback

btw i have access to the cervical spine MRI if anyone wants to c



Since it’s not the spine it might be thoracic outlet syndrome, but I can’t say for sure. Are you experiencing any muscle tightness around the neck and or shoulders?