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Canseco Gets Butt Whipped




Wow, that's shocking. A guy with no experience gets his clock cleaned by a former Golden Gloves champ.

Canseco is a tool. He won't fair any better in MMA.


I heard about this fight on Sportcenter before it was set to take place and all I could think was it wasn't even fair because Vai would destroy him. One of the least surprising outcomes to a fight ever.


Sikahema was asked if there were any surprises. "That it didn't finish in the first 30 seconds," he said.

I'll take a football player anyday against a baseball player... just the way I roll...


"He came out here in first-class, (and is) flying home coach. That's how we roll in Philly," Sikahema said.

Te he.....


I guess he gets to join the elite ranks of Johnnie Morton in guys who thought being a professional athlete meant they could fight.


I was actually about to start a similar thread before I found this one. It is absolutely hilarious! Canseco with all of his roids and size couldn't take on somebody with experience.

Oh, and about his having a black belt in kung fu, taekwondo, and Muay Thai...that has to be BS...right?


To me ,even though canseco was big and muscular he always looked awkward and slow sort of like arnold.Some pro sports people are just overated and are'nt naturally athletic.Example: there is a a guy that was a ufc champion until a few yrs. ago,when he was champion he was in a local establishment playing pool with a guy about 50 yrs.old that does'nt look his age ,that is a natural athlete.even though he has'nt trained since teen yrs. has been a partier and kept active and has had several injuries that almost killed him.the ufc guy lost the pool game playing for drinks and when the party guy went to bar to get them.

he started giving young guy that was out for his 21st b-day and is no pool player a hard time about being hustled.the 21yr.old and ufc guy exchanged words,then ufc guy started toward the 21 dude like he was going to hit him.the 50 yr.old saw this jumped over in front of the 21 yr.old to protect from ufc guy.The 50 yr. old party guy hit the ufc guy 3 times and put him out.his buddies came over and carried him away.the 50 yr. old party guy did'nt even know who ufc guy was and had never heard of him,but other people knew who he was and were all talking about it.I guess an old scrapper thats been in life and death situations most of his life just has better survival instincts out in the streets,than a guy with not as much real world knowledge, thats trying to be a tough guy.


The bar is in southwest ohio,I did not see incident myself but was told about it by patrons that have no reason to lie or make up stories.there was no brawl the ufc guy simply got his lights put out by older smaller scrapper.No police were involved.Think about it??? Would the ufc guy want it to be known he got whipped by a smaller older individual.

To many dollars to lose plus rep,I guess thats why his posse did'nt start no crap because they knew the story would get out and ruin his rep.Believe it or not i really dont care,some people need to live in dream world putting others on pedastools ,i don't.The person that did this has been a fighter when ufc guy was still crappin in his diaper,usually having to defend himself against larger opponents and usually more than one at a time.Most people that know of this guy think hes crazy and dont mess with him.


I'll take a football player anyday against a baseball player... just the way I roll...
It has nothing to do with football v baseball, dumbest comment ever. Vai trained in boxing his whole life and was hoping to go to the olympics (until the boycot. He also took this fight serious, training with Larry Holmes. Canseco was in horrible shape and needed an ego check.


Is his name John and did he used to live in Thailand in a village near the Burmese border making a living capturing venomous snakes and selling them in a nearby village in between jaunts up the river in to Burma to save Christian aide-workers?





They are made out of feces.


Lets pretend the story is true for a second. The UFC guy was going after one dude and the old man sucker punched the UFC guy and knocked him out? An ass whoopin's and ass whoopin', but if you get blindsided you weren't in a fight, you were blind sided.

Next time you're in that bar in Northwest Ohio ask the patrons who thee UFC guy is, and who the 50 yr old ex partier/closet ninja is.


OMG txt yr BFF !!! spllng fup on t nat'n. Do T-men really correct spelling ,punctuation etc. Should'nt that be reserved for Little Miss Biotches Spelling Bee or Metrosexual-Nation LOL


Read again,Southwest Ohio,Old partier didnt know who ufc guy was and had never heard of him.He jumped in front of ufc guy.maybe hes just to slow, ufc ,and aint meant to fight??? Other people that knew of this ufc guy ,say he did same shit before he was in ufc ,he would try to give people shit and either get lights put out or his own ass handed to him.Some people are natural and dont have to be pricks and try and push people around and give them shit.some people try and be tough guy's and push people around and this is what happens when they run into a natural and some outcomes are worse.


Yup.... next time some motherfucker on the bodybuilding forum thinks that big muscles mean you can fight, I want someone to post this goddamn video up.


I didn't even read the entire article but this paragraph is classic.

"Canseco's physical advantage impressed a crowd that didn't seem inclined to root for the underdog and the steroid-stained slugger's fans - mostly ripped guys in wife-beaters, gold chains and an ocean of hair gel - hooted loud and hard for the bad boy of baseball. Canseco's one-person entourage, Northcutt, waited quietly off in one corner of the club."


I'm kind of surprised that they were allowed to print that. That's very subjective... I'd never be able to get that in one of my stories.


Hate to break it to you man, a random 50 yr old WILL NEVER BEAT A TRAINED FIGHTER. Never.