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Canola Oil / Olive Oil?

I’ve always associated Olive Oil with “best oil to use”; recently I was browsing www.nutritiondata.com, which lists off the various fatty acid configurations in each food type.

So in a tbsp serving (13g), Olive oil has:

1.9g Saturated
9.8g Mono-Unsat
1.4g Poly-Unsat [0.1g ALA (omega-3)]

Whereas Canola oil has:

1.0g Saturated
8.2g Mono-Unsat
4.1g Poly-Unsat [1.3g ALA (omega-3)]

(For comparison, Flaxseed Oil is:

1.3g Saturated
2.7g Mono-Unsat
8.9g Poly-Unsat [7g ALA (omega-3)]

So why does Olive oil get all the love around here instead of canola?

It seems like, except for high temperature cooking, Canola oil would pretty much rock. Good balance of mono and poly unsaturates, some omega-3s, and it’s cheap too!

Taste all 3 oils “raw”, then tell me what you think. You need the Extra Virgin Olive BTW.

I would not cook with any of those oils. none of them are good for high temp.

but you’ll notice that olive oil has great monounsat’s plus tastes great. But if you do the oil in shooters and don’t care about the taste then blend all three for great benefits. but I’d say fish oils caps are the best for your PUFA’s. Oliv oil and milled flax and vinegar make a great dressing. also look to nuts for good oils.


Interesting idea :slight_smile:

I recently read an article which stated most high-in-poly-unsaturated-oils vegetable oils are actually rancid or oxidized if not due to processing methods, then due to heat and light sensitivity.

The article; available here; http://www.bullz-eye.com/furci/2006/fats_lipid_hypothesis.htm
it’s very informative, and I think founded on pretty good scientific grounds – trans-fats are poison, modern processing methods of food are creating substances which are harmful to our bodies.

Also the article represents some evidence as to why we should increase our consumption of mono-unsaturated fats, and stop being so deadly afraid of saturated fats.

Personally I fry using coconut oil, and only consume olive oil raw, extra virgin.

If you’re sure the canola oil has been cold-pressed or similarly processed, then it may be healthier than olive oil?

I usually just have olive oil. Canola oil doesn’t taste great. I wouldn’t mind adding some variety though. What are some other veg oils that are healthy and taste good? How’s peanut oil (health and taste-wise)?


Olive oil has anti-inflammatory effects not found in canola oil. Besides, canola oil tastes like shit.