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Canoe/Kayak/Dragon Boat

As a t-man, I strive to make my training as optimal as possible.
Unfortunately, as an athlete in a sport that does not conform to the norms in sports training, I’ve had quite the difficulty in finding a good training program from which I might inspire myself. I know what and how to train, I just want to be able to compare to other, possibly better programs.

Does anybody know of anywhere I can find some programs made for competitive athletes in the sport of Speed Canoeing, Kayaking or Dragon Boating?

I am not sure what speed canoe/kayaking/dragon boating is. Is it similar to sprint racing, like in the olympics, 1000m, 500m, ect, Or is it an event that is measured in miles, and considered more of a marothon event. If you are more sprint oriented, you can check out a book called the “Barton Mold” by Greg Barton. http://www.fastkayak.com/barton.html

If you are more into Marathon stuff, you can check out the website http://usawildwater.com/training/index.htm

Sprint Kayaking would translate very well to almost any lifting program found here. Marathon kayaking might benefit from a modified lifting program. In endurance sports it is a controversial subject as far as if weight training is benefical(some people swear by it others dont do any).

My sport is Dragon Boat, but since it’s not as out there as some other sports, I had made reference to Speed Canoe and Kayak (which is on flat water, as opposed to white-water). It is more sprint oriented, mostly 500m in 2 minutes or 2:10.
What annoys me is that most lifting programs focus more on the push and the legs. Two things that aren’t too necessary in this sport.
Got any other good sources?
Thanks alot!

It would seem to me you would be well served training snatch, cleans, jerks and push presses, bent rows, seated rows, chins/pull ups. I would not ignore the legs, and would suggest including at least some deadlifts, front squats and overhead squats. Some heavy and light kettlebell or dumbell snatch and swings would probably benefit you too.

I would also think a variety of carries and walks would help out. Check out Dan John’s DVD “From the Ground Up.”

This kind of training benefits all athletes…even those sitting on their butts swatting at the water. :slight_smile: