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Cannot Press


Hey, long time lurker here.

Basically I've injured my shoulder playing soccer 6 months ago. Doctor says it's 'rotator cuff damage, take anti-inflammatories and rest' - great advice... Originally I could barely move my arm but I've been working out normally for the last 3 months or so, with one problem. I can't press anything above my head without pain.

I've no idea how, or if, this will go away so in the mean time I need some kinda workaround. I can do chest work fine but this is my only real front delt stimulation.

Is this enough? (Obviously it's not optimal). What do you guys with injured shoulders do?



i have a similar issue, i hurt my shoulder earlier in this deployment like 6 months ago and it still hurts. Seemed like for the first month or two it was making progress and then it just stopped getting better. I can bench, and if im really warmed up i can incline. But if i just jump into incline it kills me for a day or two. I cant press anything over my head either. lol good luck i think this type of thing where most people have smooth recoveries in a short period of time and with others it kinda sticks or gets worse until you have to have surgery.

overhead pressing isn't going to keep you from having a good physique, but if you can do some isolation work for each head of the delt, (lateral raises, bent over lateral raises/reverse pec deck, front delt raises) These are all good to do for shoulder health and also to get some good growth of the delt muscles. Obviously dont do the things that really hurt it and try to look up some good stretches and other rehabilitative movements.


Only advice I will give you is (if you have not already), get it x-rayed.

Hurt my shoulder when I was 15 and was told it was rotator cuff. 18 years later a new doctor (this after many physios and doctors over the years) asked if I had ever had a scan. Turns out the rotator cuffs where the only thing holding it together and I had broken the lip of bone off the socket part of the joint.

Mucho arthritis and holding out for a full shoulder replacement is the end result.

You have probably just done your rotators but get a scan anyway.


i hurt my shoulder too. but it is no problem. i cant overhead press, so i take a more bodybuilder approach to shoulder training. i do lateral raises and immediately follow them with incline dumbell presses. then go down the rack with lateral raises, cheating as i need to so i could hold it in peak position.
i have never gotten so much deltoid stimulation as i do now.