Cannot Lose Weight with SARMS, Diet, and Exercise

Hi guys, I know I’m probably gonna take a bit of s*** for this post but I’m generally just looking for some advice and let’s face it how do you learn without advice?!

I’m a chubby/overweight guy and for the last 6 weeks I’ve followed a workout program called “10 Rounds” which is a combo of weightlifting and also cardio with the aim to lose fat and gain muscle.

I’m on the last few days of this 6 week program.

I did my research and I’m also using a SARMS stack of LGD-4033 and Cardarine/GW501516 (not technically a SARM I know!)

I take 10mg LGD 1xam and 20mg GW at the same time

As for my diet I follow a diet plan from “Ab Lab” which is the same aim to lose weight but gain muscle. This plan was made for me and consists of eating 6x daily every 2-3 hours with all the macros worked out for me. The whole diet consists mainly of plain chicken, rice, boiled potatoes, broccoli so on and so on.

I have 1 cheat MEAL (not day) a week

I’ve weighed myself 6 weeks in and I’ve lost 1 pound and it feels like I’m just wasting my time and my money on supplements/sarms and food for 6 meals a day!

I honestly can’t see much difference in my body and feel like a fat slob even though I feel I’m putting in the work, eating right and taking the right supplements.

I know 6 weeks is not a long time, I get that but surely I should see a hell of a lot more results than what I have?!?

Can somebody who has the knowledge see or tell me where I’m going wrong?!

Height and weight?

Doesn’t that come with a nutrition plan? Why skip it and spend money on nutrition elsewhere instead of using all parts of one comprehensive plan (questionable though it may be).

What kind of calories and macros did they have you on?

Step one of research would’ve explained that using SARMS is unnecessary, at best, when you don’t have a good training and nutrition plan in place. Especially as a beginner. Pre-packaged Beachbody workouts are generic and less-than-ideal. That ab lab diet summary also sounds super vague and cookie-cutter.

You do not need a weekly cheat meal. Depending on how cheaty you got, it could’ve set back progress. You definitely should not have waited six weeks to weigh-in/track progress. Once a week check-ins work best because they let you adjust as needed.

Best you can do now is come off the SARMS, get on a better-designed plan, and start from day one adapting the lessons learned.

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This sounds like a lot of food. Did you figure your caloric intake that made you currently overweight first? Then did you reduce that overall intake with this new ‘diet’?

Are you ever hungry?

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Im guessing no…


You didn’t gain any weight. Most overweight people continue to gain weight as they age. You may have been a lb heavier. You could be exactly the same weight, but you have made progress.

You now have an idea of amount of food will result in extremely slow weight loss. Adjust down by 15% and see where you are in a few weeks. Add in a 30 minute walk.

Stop taking the SARMs. You don’t need them as a beginner. IMO, if someone were to use them, it would be on top of taking testosterone as they are almost always suppressive.

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There’s your answer


Ah yes… not educated enough on basic programming or nutrition. But smart enough to fuck with shit like SARMs.

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Also thanks for all your replies, everything that’s been said I will take in to consideration. I understand I need to learn more and that’s why I’m here

@bulldog this is what I meant I’m gonna take some s***. I never said I’m educated on fitness and/or nutrition. However this is why I’m on here asking questions and listening to answers. I never said sarms were a smart answer either. By research I mean I looked into the history of them, how and why the were created. The testimonials of people who have used them (the good and the bad), dosages etc

The reason I used them was simply because after reading into them I thought that they may be able to give me that extra push and extra motivation to continue and see results. I’ve also never really had anyone to speak to regarding these, hence using this forum and will completely listen to those offering advice even if that means stopping using them.

To answer some of the other questions and for more clarity;

The ab-lab diet is based on the principles of carb cycling to confuse the hypothalamus increasing metabolism. Whether this is genuinely designed specific for me I’ll never know but I did pay a pretty penny for a “customised” plan.

The 10 rounds workout didn’t come with a nutrition plan, only the workouts

The diet ranges on calorie consumption between 1400-1900 calories per day

I’m not sure if you was being sarcastic but certainly never get hungry.

I guess the reason that I’m frustrated is because this is a diet I purchased about 3 years ago and at that point I lost around 34lbs in 12 weeks yet I’m at 1lb halfway through.

My current weight is 15.5st/215lbs and height is 5ft11

I’ve attached photos of the diet on a Monday for clarity!!

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Not sarcastic.

Try being hungry for a while and see if you lose weight.


Not hungry on 1400kcal? Unless you’re a 90lbs female, you’re lying or eating more


@adark 100% not lying and 100% not eating more. I’m eating every 2-3 hours 6 times a day so the smaller portions keeping me full until my next meal and I’m following the diet exactly how it’s been set out

Are you weighing everything to the gram? I’m always shocked by two things when I diet:

  1. How low I have to get on my calories vs what I “want” to be true.
  2. How much bigger my portion sizes are by my eyeballs vs my scale.

To @T3hPwnisher’s point, you don’t have to weigh and count; if you don’t, though, you have to chase hunger. They’re both inconvenient in their own way.

It also sounds like you’re trying to lose weight on the same calories you lost weight on when you were 34lbs heavier? That’s a significant reduction, and your calories have to go down with it.

If I were you, I’d stop using them.


@TrainForPain yes honestly I’m weighing everything to the gram on the scales and some days I struggle to eat the last meal because I’m still feeling full.

You have a fair point, this is the same diet I was using when I was a bit fatter however (not trying to seem like I know nutrition because I don’t) surely if I was to drop more calories (lower than the 1400 -1900 a day that the diet stipulates) that would be way too low to support muscle growth as well as weight loss.

The common denominator on my thread seems to be to stop using sarms so this is something I think I will be doing

Why would you force feed yourself when trying to lose weight?


Dude, 1500kcal is what I make my 56 years old mom with arthritis and thyroids problems eat and she lost 15 kgs in 6 months

@T3hPwnisher because admittedly I’m uneducated or at least as not knowledgeable as most on diet and this is the diet set out for me so I’m trying to stick to the plan.

The way that the diet has been explained to me was that having zero, low, medium and high carb days confuses the hypothalamus and causes it to ramp up the metabolism. In addition to the carb cycling the meals every 2-3 hours keeps the metabolism running and only allows it to slow down whilst sleeping in turn creating more weight loss.

This is the reason I sometimes force the last meal down.

Carb cycling is not a bad thing but this is literally some bullshit your coach fed you up to seem smart and collect your money

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Something that worked before may not work this time around. Too many factors to account for.

I think the only thing that could be said is- if something isn’t working for you now, try something else out and give it an honest attempt of at least 2 months before you adjust again.

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