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Cannot Find Certain Thread


ive tried and tried. can anybody help me with the link for a post.
It was hilarious, it had something to do with a woman auctioning/selling herself online to rich men. One guy wrote back in to her and completely shut her down.
Please help.



This the one?


I think thats the one hes talking about... also, here is her response...



So her response basically boils down to: I can get plastic surgery to increase my worth? What a tard. Assuming that she's going to get her partner to pay for the plastic surgery (cause she's not making her own money) it would make more sense for the guy to drop her and pick up a "new" girl who's value has not yet depreciated since he can do this for less money and have a higher value product.


That was it, thank you


I think she's got a valid point personally.


Well the worth of the plastic surgery is going to be equivalent to the cost in obtaining the plastic surgery making your net increase 0. However, you can find a new girl who doesn't need the plastic surgery and viola.


Ugly girl + plastic surgery = hot girl.

new hot girl > previously ugly girl.


You're not good with the understanding thing are you?


The concept is simple. You are trying to jazz it up a little to much.

pretty > ugly.


That 25 year old money-suck should experience ass fisting, by someone with big hands.


True. The problem with this, though, is 25 y/o hottie > 40 y/o plastic surgery hottie. Her good looks do fade, this is human nature. Cutting through the two dollar words and basic economics/finance principles she used to jazz up her response, the fact of the matter is that everything the dude said in his response was spot on. As he continues to work in the industry, he gets paid more. Appreciating asset. As she keeps aging...she keeps aging. Depreciating asset.


This is true on a less basic economic level than the previous poster was using but the fact remains.

pretty girl > ugly girl.

The subject is a specific girl with a particular set of characteristics to be improved with plastic surgery.

The plastic surgery makes the ugly girl prettier, thus improving her net worth if we assume pretty > ugly.

Yes she will age, but she will age with better looks than she previously would have, and will age slower assuming further surgeries, face peels, personal trainers etc.

So, in the example of this specific girl, pretty > ugly and surgery bringing her from ugly to pretty does increase her net worth.

If you drop a new engine in an old car, you increase it's net worth though you spent money on the engine.

If you paint an old house you increase it's net worth though you spent money on the paint and labor.

Money spent is irregardless to the end result of the single subject of increased net worth which is being discussed here.


I hope she gets ass fisted by Shaq O'neill


The only way net worth is increased is if you manage to buy a product at a low $ and you're able to sell at a higher $. Otherwise you are just transferring worth from one asset (money) to another (car). Your profit here is 0.

The problem here is that you're looking at the worth of the object in question instead of looking at it in a "what do I get out of this" way. Lets say you increase the worth of that girl and then she leaves you. You lose.


The newly hot girl is still greater than the ugly girl whether or not she is with you.

The question is whether or not surgery can make girls worth more. Assuming a beautiful girl is worth more than an ugly girl, it does.