Cannot Figure Out Final Puzzle for Tight Ql/Left Side Tightness

Hey guys, first time post right here. Currently I have a tight Ql only on one side (the left) and also a tight hip along with knee pain. I’ll try to go through a summary of information so bare with me.

So about a year and a half ago I suffered a stress fracture to the hip. Only recovery option was rest which involved at least 4 months sitting and lying around. After being"healed", I still suffered from extreme hip tightness and lower back pain, all in that one side. Eventually, I realised I had anterior pelvic tilt and absolutely spent a shit tonne of time singleing out the glutes and abs without activating the hips. This worked great and probably took away the severe pain and lessened it to general tightness with pain coming when performing movements like squats, sitting for a long time etc. Basically made the situation worse to bad/lessened the issue

Now about 6 months from recovering that aspect of my posture along with working on other things I.e fixing forward head posture and alignment of the shoulders, I still have a tight Ql only on the left side that turns into pain when I do mostly any dynamic/compound movements. Now I have foam rolled/stretched the hips, still strengthen the core and glutes while feeling them burn at least 3 days a week along with fixing my sleeping position.

I am about to start foam rolling the left side of the ql. In summary (sorry for the rambling), the usual muscles that are called “weak” (glutes and core") are stronger than ever for me but still with the tight/seemingly overused back and hip muscles. Lateral pelvic tilt may be the issue, although as ive said I’ve stretched the all while strengthening the muscles around it. Is it even possible to have too tight of one glute leading to back pain? I’d appreciate any help and again, sorry if the post puts you to sleep!!!

Hey likely you are dealing with a lateral pelvic tilt which causes the ql side opposite of your dominant glute which is probably caused by an imbalance between both of your posterior oblique slings which run contralateral from one lat to the opposite side glute stretching the opposite piriformis and hip flexor as well as the same side pectineus, ql thats tight/spasming as well as strengthening the opposite side ql for a good visual and better explanation I would look up @vinnierehab on Instagram he had a great post explaining this issue