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Cannot Draw from HCG Vial

So Ive been using HCG 1000ius per week and Today, I am not able to get the liquid out of the vial using an insulin syringe.

I tried using a regular 26g needle 3cc syringe but air fills my syringe up and theres pressure when I try to push through and yet, I am still not able to get any HCG from the vial.

Any suggestions?

Is the tip of the needle in the liquid?

Yes it is. The rubber is quite thick and it gets quite confusing because of the way its shaped inside the vial.

Ive tried using 3 syringes. 2 insulin syringes and 1 3cc syringe

:frowning: i dont know whats going on. According to my friend, i should plunge air first, but then ive tried it numerous times